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Scrub Out Black Mould


A fungicidal cleaner, containing a powerful blend of biocide and detergent to eradicate mould on internal surfaces.

Can be used as a maintenance wash to control mould or algae where painting is not possible or desired. Additionally it can be sprayed around a bath or shower area to prevent mould growth on sealants and grout.

It is recommended that when repainting areas then Sovereign Fungi-Chek Emulsion should be used as black mould cannot grow.

General information


500 ml


Pr_15_31_04_11 Chemical cleaning gels and liquidsPrimary


C52/323 Timber preservative treatment

C52/47 Timber preservative treatment

Specification data - Chemical cleaning gels and liquids

Product Reference

Scrub Out Black Mould

Standard product features


Clear liquid, ready to use.


500 ml.


4-6 m² per bottle.

Third party certifications

  • Heath and Safety Executive (HSE): HSE 4810