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Schöck Dorn

Schöck Dorn® Type LD

Schöck Ltd Variant:

Shear dowels.

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Expansion joints.


Schöck Dorn simplifies the planning and execution of expansion joints while at the same time making the best possible use of the available space.

General information




Carbon steel


Stainless steel


Pr_35_90_15_12 Carbon steel shear load connectorsPrimary


E40/440 Load transfer systems

E42/335 Shear Load Connectors

E30/240 Proprietary prefabricated reinforcement

Specification data - Carbon steel shear load connectors



Punching shear reinforcement Schöck Bole® type O is mounted after installation of the top and bottom slab reinforcement. This approach to installation is particularly recommended for slab thicknesses up to 30 cm and moderate reinforcement requirements. The product is supplied ready for installation; no further parts are needed for assembly. Schöck Bole® type O is suitable for installation on site.


16 mm.

20 mm.

22 mm.

25 mm.

30 mm.

Material/ Finish

Insert requirements, sleeve available in stainless steel or plastic, dowel available in stainless steel S690 or hot galvanized carbon steel S690.


Case studies

Kidwells Estate

Kidwells Estate

Mercury City Tower

Mercury City Tower

Olympic Village

Olympic Village

Residential Complex "Green Center"

Residential Complex "Green Center"