SBT Tube System

Thermally broken tube fastener consisting of a 15 mm diameter grey polyamide SBT tube, used in conjunction with either an SBF-T25,TI-T25 or a suitable Sarnafil stainless steel fastener, to secure Sarnabars in loose laid or mechanically fastened membrane applications or with appropriate insulation washers to secure thermal insulation.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_29_88_59 Overlay fastenersPrimary


J42/355 Mechanical fasteners, washers, pressure plates, etc.

J42/40 Laying warm deck roof insulation

Specification data - Overlay fasteners

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SBT Tube System




Pressure plate/ Washer

SBIW-70 x 70

Sarnabar 15/6

Peelstop 15/6

SBT Row termination washer

Product Options

Pressure plate/ Washer:

  • SBIW-70 x 70: 70 mm square galvanized steel washer with rounded corners for attaching thermal insulation. Suitable for use with the SBT tube system only, the flat surface of the washer makes it ideal for attaching insulation board beneath adhered membranes, as they reduce the ‘ghosting’ associated with normal plastic headed tube fasteners used for insulation attachment. Requires one SBT fastener assembly per washer.
  • Sarnabar 15/6: 3 mm thick linear bar used to attach the Sarnafil membrane in Sarnabar systems. Roll formed from steel strips galvanized to EN 10142-FeP03GZ275N, Sarnabar 15/6 is pre-punched with 6 mm diameter and 15 mm holes, alternating at 25 mm centres to speed installation.
  • Peelstop 15/6: 1 mm thick linear bar, used at the perimeters and angle changes of adhered systems, to prevent membrane peel at vulnerable roof areas. 2.125 m x 30 mm Peelstop 15/6 is made from a roll formed and knurled steel strip galvanized to EN 10142-FeP03GZ275N. It is pre-punched with 6 mm diameter and 15 mm holes, alternating at 125 mm centres to speed installation.
  • SBT Row Termination Washer: 105 mm diameter galvanized steel washer, for use with the SBT tube system only. Positioned at the end of intermediate perimeter rows of Sarnabar or intermediate rows of SFT fasteners, the SBT Row Termination Washer is secured with three fasteners per washer and prevents damage to the membrane.

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