SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer


Suitable for directly applying to drywall or bonding to timber substrates. The Sanply® veneer format is suitable for bespoke joinery and associated items (for full specification details, please consult manufacturer).


SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer for architecturally inspired interiors is a versatile material bringing warmth and the rich natural elements of nature indoors. Its natural beauty combined with its practical hard-wearing finishes, fire-rating and ability to apply direct to drywall offers a wood solution with no limitations. With over 100 real wood species and 5000 custom stain options, including a colour-matching service, SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer offers endless design possibilities.

As a sheet material, SanFoot®can also be fabricated to produce architectural wood panelling for joinery works, providing continuous veneer grain and tone across multiple surfaces and elevations.

The appearance of SanFoot® wallcovering is largely determined by how the veneer is sliced and then matched to form a full sheet. Book-matched and sequenced styles are available.

The majority of SanFoot® species are available or order as FSC® certified (when ordering FSC® certified materials please ensure this is requested as availability on FSC® certified materials may vary). 

Features and benefits:

  • Patented 5-ply construction.
  • Selected from biodiverse and healthy managed forests.
  • Easy and lightweight to handle.
  • Can be applied to a range of surfaces from curved walls to 90-degree corners.
  • Excellent impact resistance and structural integrity.
  • The aluminium foil layer acts as a zero-adhesive bleed through barrier.
  • Fire Retardant.
  • Sequence runs and end-matching ability.
  • Structural stability ensuring resistance to warping and greater longevity.
  • 100 real wood species and 5000 custom stain options, including a colour-matching service.

General information


Two layers polyurethane lacquer

As standard.


Over 100 real wood species and 5000 custom stain options, including a colour-matching service


Design freedom, scalable, versatile and sustainable


Wood veneer

Aluminium foil

Kraft paper




Nominally 0.3mm thickness (can vary depending on species, please get in touch to confirm).

2745 x 912 x 0.3 mm

3050 x 915 x 0.3 mm

2440 x 915 x 0.3 mm

2440 x 1220 x 0.3 mm

3050 x 1220 x 0.3 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_97_91 Visual grade general veneer plywoodsPrimary


K13/120 Wood-veneered panel lining

K13/160 Proprietary

Specification data - Visual grade general veneer plywoods Enhanced data


To BS EN 13501.




Real wood veneer.

Material grade

Over 100 Real Wood species, consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Face veneer

Natural and reconstituted.

Face grain direction

Flat cut

Course-textured, straight-grain mixed with swirls and cathedrals.

Quarter cut

Consistently straight grain often with a parallel ribbon-like figure.

Rift cut

Uniform straight grain with a softer texture.

Rotary cut

Shows similar characteristics to the flat cut, with annular growth rings visible in dynamic shapes.

Reaction to fire classification


Excluding flooring

To BS EN 13501-1, Class B-s1, d0.

Sheet size

2440 x 915 mm.

Drywall application.

2745 x 915 mm.

Drywall application.

3050 x 915 mm.

Drywall application.

2440 x 1220 mm.

Substrate application.

3050 x 1220 mm .

Substrate application.

Number of plies


Product Reference

SanFoot® Real Wood Veneer

Veneer matching

Slip Matched, Swing Matched and Plank Matched are available on request. 

Book matched.

Consecutive leafs of a veneer flitch have similar grain and figure. In book matching, alternative leafs are turned like pages of a book, the vertical edges are then glued to make a 'face'.

End matched and sequenced.

This offers the greatest possibility to achieve continuity of colour and figure. Sheets are installed sequentially with the first sheet in the lower left quadrant and the second sheet rotated 180° to joined at the top of the first sheet. Required when ordering lengths longer than standard sizes.


These are sets of sheets manufactured from the same veneer flitch and sequentially numbered.

Slip Matched, Swing Matched and Plank Matched are available on request. 

Environmental information

Country of material origin


Digital objects

Platform Compatible Version Certified to

Revit 2016




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