S System


A decorative concrete seal system used to create a chemical and scratch resistant dust seal for new and existing concrete floors. A slip resistant finish can be achieved by broadcasting quartz aggregate.

Suitable for dry production areas, light production areas, warehousing and distribution.

S System cures fully in two hours, minimizing downtime in refurbishment, and creates a totally impervious surface.

Cures fully within two hours of installation (ready for full mechanical and chemical loading).

Mechanical surface preparation required prior to installation.

For use with the Degafloor range of Primers, Sealers and Surface Treatments.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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Product range

Resin flooring

Specification data - Sealers

Product Reference

S System



Blue grey

Brown beige

Chocolate brown

Concrete grey

Fast blue

Leaf green

Marine blue

Mid grey

Olive yellow

Pale green

Pebble grey

Pillar box red

Sand yellow

Silver grey

Sky blue

Stone grey

Tomato red

Standard product features

Nominal thickness:

0.3–0.7 mm (with an aggregate broadcast 0.7 - 1.5mm).


  • Tensile strength (to DIN EN IOS 604): 56.0 MPa.
  • Elongation at break (to DIN EN ISO 527): 2.4%.
  • E modulus (to DIN EN ISO 527): 3,627 MPa.

Health and safety:

Resins are manufactured to DIN EN ISO 14001:1996 and comply with all current EU hygiene of foodstuffs legislation. All resins are non-toxic.