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Rooftrak™ IFP-BW

Rooftrak™ IFP-BW

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Nicholson STS Ltd

Rooftrak IFP-BW integrated fixing point system for handrail and balustrade applications on warm roof constructions.

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Typical uses include connecting balustrade supports to flat warm roofs.

Suitable for use with the following roof covering types:

  • Built-up and hot melt roofing systems.
  • Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofing membrane.
  • Liquid applied roof coatings.
  • Polyisobutylene (PIB) roofing membrane.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofing membrane.
  • Styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) and atactic polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen membranes.
  • Thermoplastic polyethylene (TPE) roofing membrane.
  • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing membrane.


Rooftrak IFP-BW integrated fixing point system for handrail and balustrade applications on warm roof constructions. The IFP-BW can be used in both horizontal (flat roof) and vertical (parapet wall) constructions.

Features and benefits:

  • Thermally broken connection point.
  • Comprised of a 225 x 375 mm fixing plate with two anchor points each with 2 no. M10 x20 blind threaded connection points. The fixing plate has 8 no. holes through which the plate is bolted to an extension piece manufactured to suit the thickness of the insulation.
  • To weather the fixing plate the IFP-BW is factory fitted with an appropriate flange material to enable it to be weathered or sealed to the main roof area.
  • A connection plate can be supplied in 10 mm-thick mild steel or stainless steel for connecting the balustrade to the IFP-BW.
  • Can also be used in inverted roof constructions.

General information




Stainless steel



Pr_20_29_03_31 Framing anchorsPrimary


C41/665 Lateral restraint straps

C41/665 Lateral restraint straps

H51/580 Fixing

H51/580 Fixing

E42/330 Anchor bolts

H40/770 Fixing

Specification data - Framing anchors


Stainless steel.

Main roof weathering material

Select material for weathering flange from the list below, or consult manufacturer and insert appropriate details.

APP modified bitumen membrane.

EPDM roofing membrane.

GRP roof coverings.

Liquid applied roof coatings.

PIB roofing membrane.

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Balustrade connection plate

Not required.

Mild steel.

Stainless steel.



Cap nut, IFP-CN.

Low profile fixing designed specifically for use with the IFP. Allows the use of M10 studding for where the IFP requires bolting to the structure. The rounded low profile cap nut will not damage the roofing membrane that sits over it.

  • Material: A2 grade stainless steel.
  • Size: Head diameter: 25 mm; shank (diameter x length): 14 x 20 mm; internal thread: M10.
  • Typical uses: for using M10 studding to secure the IFP to the building structure by means of bolts or toggles.

Toggle fixing, IFP-TG.

For use in conjunction with the IFP-CN cap nut and M10 studding to secure the IFP products to the building structure. Suitable where the underside of the roof deck is not accessible or where the roof deck does not provide adequate pullout values using screw type fixings.

  • Material: Bright zinc plated (BZP) steel.
  • Size: 68 x 17.5 x 15 mm.
  • Typical uses: to obtain improved pullout values for situation such as fixing to composite panels and balustrade applications.

Flange size

APP/ SBS modified bitumen membranes: 525 x 675 mm.

Single-ply membranes: 425 x 575 mm.

Anchor type:

304 stainless steel, machined finish.

Fixing plate

Mild steel; polyester powder-coated (PPC) finish; 225 x 375 x 6 mm.

  • Distance between fixing threads: 52 mm.
  • Distance between fixing points: 150 mm.


49 mm.


ROOFTRAK Integrated fixing point system

ROOFTRAK Integrated fixing point system

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