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Roofinox Snaplock® Seam

The Snaplock® seam system is extensively used in Europe and the United States of America, where the system has proved itself in the extremely varied climate. The system gives an aesthetically pleasing finish whilst avoiding the industrial finishes found in other seam systems.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured from lightweight corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • Seams are available in 25 or 38 mm formats.
  • Roofinox stainless steel is manufactured in a factory in Germany, using 85% (approximately) recycled material and is itself 100% recyclable.
  • The Snaplock® seam system can be laid on a ventilated timber substrate, composite panel or direct on insulation, using special warm roof fixing clips.
  • Snaplock® is much simpler and requires less skill/ hand tools than the traditional standing seam. The profile contains an undercloak and an overcloak – the undercloak side is fixed with a stainless steel fixing clip with the overcloak side then snapped into place.
  • The system can be provided as a complete roof kit including all flashing, matching rainwater products and ancillaries.


Snaplock® can be mounted on all roof build-ups, the only pre-requisite being that it is fully supported.

Suitable substructure materials:

  • Ventilated 18 mm-thick weather and boil proof (WPB) plywood.
  • Ventilated oriented strand board OSB3.
  • Hard metal board.
  • Composite panel.
  • Rigid insulation.


ISO-Mat Pro® underlay is recommended by the manufacturer depending upon the application.


  • 25 mm seam: SM-EH-Snap-25 (SM-EDH-Snap-25 for fixing to rigid insulation).
  • 38 mm seam: SM-EH-Snap-38 (SM-EDH-Snap-38 for fixing to rigid insulation).
  • Flashing clips: SM-ELH-27.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Pr_25_71_51_84 Stainless steel long strips and sheetsPrimary

H75/110 Roofing

H75/130 Cladding

H75/2 Roofing

Specification data - Stainless steel long strips and sheets
Product Reference

Roofinox Snaplock® Seam


Insert project requirements, maximum 12 m.


25 mm

Minimum pitch: 7°. Nominal centres: 425 mm.

38 mm

Minimum pitch: 3°. Nominal centres: 386 mm.


0.5 mm

Colour/ Finish


Brush-rolled design.

Tin matte

Matt finish, tin-plated design.

Special order

See 'Options' and insert requirements.

Product Options


Alternative (bespoke) lengths are available, if they are logistically possible to transport. Consult manufacturer for details.

Colour/ Finish:

- Special order:

The following options are subject to minimum order quantities; consult manufacturer for details.

  • Chroma: Mirror-rolled design.
  • Dura Black: Electro-coloured design.
  • Dura Bronze: Electro-coloured design.
  • Dura Champagne: Electro-coloured design.
  • Dura Rose-Gold: Electro-coloured design.
  • Pearl: Bead-blasted design.
  • Plasma: Select from colour from manufacturer's literature and insert requirements.
  • Plus matte: Ribbed design.
  • Proton: Select from colour and décor from manufacturer's literature and insert requirements.
  • Spectra Sedona: Pigmented design.
  • Spectra Vulcano: Pigmented design.
  • Spectra Vulcano Plus: Pigmented design.

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