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ROCKWOOL® Sound Insulation Slab

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1200 x 50 x 400 mm

ROCKWOOL Ltd Variant:
Third party certifications:
  • Quiet Mark Certification

    Quiet Mark Certification

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Sound Insulation Slab absorbs sound waves and reduces vibration.

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Fire resilient stone wool insulation slabs optimised for sound proofing.


ROCKWOOL® Sound Slab is used to create quiet, peaceful and comfortable spaces in both residential and commercial environments. Being made from stone, ROCKWOOL insulation absorbs sound waves and reduces vibration due to its density, a non-directional fibre orientation and an open porous structure; trapping and preventing sound waves from traveling through it. ROCKWOOL insulation is also non-combustible, able to withstand temperatures of over 1,000°C.

Features and benefits:

  • Outstanding noise reduction - Quiet Mark™ approved.
  • Euroclass A1 non-combustible.
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.038 W/m·K.
  • Patented FLEXI Edge® for the perfect friction fit.
  • Quick and easy to install, without gaps and minimal waste.
  • CE and Key marked to BS EN 13162:2012+A1:2015.


ROCKWOOL stone wool is highly resilient, durable and dimensionally stable, maintaining its thickness and shape over time. Moreover due to its fibre structure and overall flexibility, stone wool can easily fit into available spaces, helping in avoiding unplanned air gaps, cracks or other installation errors in the final construction, ensuring stable performance over time.

Water repellence:

ROCKWOOL Insulation products work with the fabric of the building, preventing water from penetrating, but allowing moisture vapour to pass through. Vapour resistivity of 5.9 MNs/gm.

General information


Stone wool




1200 mm


400 mm

600 mm


50 mm

70 mm

100 mm


Pr_25_57_06_56 Mineral wool slab insulationPrimary


K10/115 Metal stud partition system

K10/125 Metal stud partition system

K10/35 Wall lining system (metal framing)

K10/165 Wall lining system (metal framing)

K10/30 Metal stud

K10/145 Wall lining system (metal studs)

K10/155 Wall lining system (metal studs)

K11/795 Wall lining on metal framing

K11/796 Metal stud partition system

P10/40 Insulation fitted betweenor to the face ofstuds

Specification data - Mineral wool slab insulation

General requirements

Insulation products generally.


To BS EN 13162.


50 mm.

Thermal conductivity (maximum)

0.038 W/m·K.

Fire performance

Eurcoclass A1 non-combustible.




400 mm.

Acoustical Performance

Achieves Approved Document E (Resistance to sound).

Vapour resistivity

5.9 MNs/gm.


1200 mm.

Sustainability data

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


Can be recycled

Manufacturer guidance

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is recyclable and can be transformed into new ROCKWOOL products. Please contact us for details of how we can work together to recycle waste ROCKWOOL stone wool material that may be generated during on-site installation

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Third party certifications

Quiet Mark Certification

Quiet Mark Certification

Quiet Mark Approval - ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation Slab

Case studies

South Quays

South Quays

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