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The combination of optimised density, fibre direction and excellent fit provides a significant improvement in sound absorption when used together with HARDROCK® dual density (DD) roofing boards on perforated metal roof decking constructions. It is water-repellent and unaffected by the freeze/ thaw cycle.


  • Excellent acoustic absorption - Class C sound absorption performance.
  • Pre-cut to suit specific roof deck sizes for fast installation.
  • Vapour control layer can be installed directly onto the roof decking.
  • Tissue faced on all sides for enhanced aesthetic appearance.

General information

To suit deck profile – length 1000 mm.

Uniclass 2015
Mineral wool slab insulation (Pr_25_57_06_56)Primary
Specification data - Mineral wool slab insulation
Product Reference

ROCKWOOL Acoustic Infill


To suit deck profile – length 1000 mm.





Standard product features

Thermal conductivity:

0.040 W/mk.

Quality management:

The product is manufactured in full accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Product Options

Approved Document E compliance:

Solution to E3 and E4 of the Approved Document E A perforated metal deck construction including ROCKWOOL® Acoustic Infill and HARDROCK® DD roofing boards will achieve classification C sound absorption rating in accordance with BS EN ISO 11654:1997. Method A as determined by E3 and E4 of Approved Document E can generally be satisfied by the use of ceilings with Class C sound absorption. See Approved Document E, and Building Bulletin 93 (The Acoustic Design of Schools).

The ROCKWOOL® used in the manufacture of this product is non-combustible.

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