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RIW Cementflex

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Two-component, water based, cementitious modified, polymer rich flexible coating.

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  • Suitable for waterproofing and protecting concrete and masonry structures.
  • Typical applications include preventing water ingress into basements, cellars and other below ground structures.
  • The coating is not a decorative finish and may temporarily discolour until uniformally weathered.


A two-omponent, water based, cementitious modified, polymer rich flexible coating with excellent adhesion to prepared concrete and masonry substrates. The product provides Type A (barrier) protection in accordance with BS 8102: 2009.

Features and benefits:

  • RIW Cementflex, when mixed, exhibits a good degree of thixotropy to enable ease of application by brush or spray techniques to give an even finish with no sagging even in vertical situations.
  • It hydrates to form a durable, highly alkaline, permanently elastomeric coating which not only protects the concrete, or other substrates, from water penetration and carbon dioxide diffusion, but also accommodates movement in cracks.
  • The elastomeric coating maintains its flexibility under permanent immersion and when exposed externally.
  • Non-hazardous and ideally suited for application in confined spaces.
  • Must be applied to damp substrates.
  • Non-toxic when cured.
  • Applied by spray – brush or trowel applications can be employed but care must be taken to ensure that no air is trapped into the surface.
  • CE marked.


  • The areas to be treated must be free from all unsound material, i.e. dust, oil, grease, corrosion by-products and organic growth.
  • The concrete sub-base should be a minimum of 20 N/ mm².

Application rate:

1.6 kg/mm/m².

Application temperature:


General information







Pr_20_31_53_65 Polymer-modified cementitious mortarsPrimary


M20/19 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

Specification data - Polymer-modified cementitious mortars

Product Reference

RIW Cementflex


One, 2 mm thick (horizontal deck applications).

Floor coatings. On horizontal deck applications, apply as a single 2 mm layer, spreading with a skid leveller or notched trowel and immediately use a spiked roller to release entrapped air.

Two, 1 mm thick (minimum) per coat.


Concrete grey.


8–10 N/mm² (after 28 days).

Reaction to fire

Euroclass A2-s1, d0.

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