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RIW Cementfill FC

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Single component, thixotropic, polymer modified, cementitious repair mortar.

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  • A fully waterproof, engineering quality fairing coat for filling minor blow holes and defects, and for repairing surface cavities and honeycombed concrete.
  • Thin screed applications can be used to waterproof and/ or level vertical, horizontal and overhead concrete surfaces.
  • Suitable for feather edging.


A single component, thixotropic, polymer modified, cementitious repair mortar with high adhesive properties.

Features and benefits:

  • RIW Cementfill FC incorporates the most advanced microsilica, polymer and fibre technology, curing to provide high waterproofing properties, excellent protection from acid gases, chlorides and freeze/ thaw cycles as well as enhanced chemical resistance.
  • The product is supplied ready for onsite mixing and use, requiring only the addition of clean water.
  • Dense matrix offers low permeability to water, even at 10 bar pressure.
  • Incorporates the latest proven cement chemistry, microsilica, fibre and styrene acrylic copolymer technology.
  • Non-toxic when cured.
  • Can be applied by palette knife, wood or steel float, and ’bag rubbing’ techniques or spray.
  • CE marked.


  • The areas to be treated must be free from all unsound material, i.e. dust, oil, grease, corrosion by-products and organic growth.
  • Smooth surfaces should be cleaned to remove release agents, curing compounds and surface laitance, preferably using wet grit or water blasting techniques or equivalent approved methods. The concrete sub-base should be a minimum of 20 N/ mm².
  • The product is highly polymer modified and as a result concrete surfaces do not generally require a primer.
  • Highly porous substrates should be primed with RIW Cementseal Primer.

Application rate:

  • Normal applications: 2.2–2.6 litres of clean water per 20 kg bag, depending upon desired consistency.
  • Screeding applications: 2.4 litres of clean water per 20 kg bag.

Application temperature:



Protect the mortar from strong sunlight and drying winds with RIW Cementseal Primer, polythene sheeting, damp hessian or similar.

General information






Pr_20_31_53_65 Polymer-modified cementitious mortarsPrimary


M20/19 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

Specification data - Polymer-modified cementitious mortars

Product Reference

RIW Cementfill FC

Application thickness

6 mm maximum per layer.


Concrete grey.


60 N/ mm² (after 28 days); Class R4 ≥ 45 MPa.

Reaction to fire

Euroclass A2-s1, d0.


RIW Cementfill FC

RIW Cementfill FC

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