Regupol® 6010SH

A rubber-based resilient layer manufactured from recycled tyre crumb and designed to provide acoustic insulation in very high load applications such as car park membranes, penthouses, music studios and gymnasium floors. It can be used under all types of screed and is also suitable for use beneath wood floors.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_06_71 Resilient layer insulationPrimary


K21/10 Wood laminate flooring

K21/111 Wood floating floor

K21/115 Wood laminate flooring

K21/145 Composite laminate flooring

K21/146 Laminate flooring

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Specification data - Resilient layer insulation

Product Reference

Regupol® 6010SH

Standard product features


  • Thickness (nominal): 15 mm.
  • Roll width: 1250 mm.
  • Roll length: 10 m.


  • Mean dynamic stiffness (DIN EN 29052-1): 28.8 MN/m³.
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.14 W/mK.
  • Load bearing capacity (maximum): 100 kN/m².
  • Fire classification (DIN 4102): B2.

Impact sound insulation:

ΔLw (ISO 140-8:1998): 30 dB.


Sealed with Regupol® Hi-tack tape.

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