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Recessed Heavy Duty Stair Nosing

Can be used as a stair nosing in most commercial applications including:

  • Stadiums.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Transport.
  • Education.
  • Healthcare.


High performance stair nosing developed to be used in commercial and public buildings with concrete, timber, resin, steel with stone cladding - any staircase where a recessed nosing is required. Designed for high levels of usage and incorporating low slip potential tread to ensure safe movement of people between levels in dry and wet conditions.

Can be used in low light situations when fitted with photoluminescent tread. This stair nosing has been designed with the Equality Act (formally DDA) and building regulations best practice guidelines taken into consideration.

Potential for slip (all treads):

Independently tested by Grip Potential Ltd. All tread options have a minimum PTV of 36+ in a wet test and 60+ in a dry test; this is considered ‘Low Slip Potential’.

All products are available in a variety of stock lengths and packing; see manufacturer's literature for details.

Related products (to be specified separately):

  • Stair Edging Side Trims.
  • Landing and Stairway Tactiles.


Can be used as a stair nosing in most commercial applications including:

  • Stadiums.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Transport.
  • Education.
  • Healthcare.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_31_74 Rigid stair nosingsPrimary


L30/30 Proprietary

L30/310 Proprietary

L30/590 Applied stair nosings

M50/75 Stair nosings and trims

M50/750 Stair nosings and trims

M51/550 Stair nosings and trims

Specification data - Rigid stair nosings

Product Reference

Recessed Heavy Duty Stair Nosing



Tread: 84 mm; riser: 55 mm riser.





Standard grip, interior use only.


Extra grip, interior and external use.


Extra grip plus, interior and external use.



Top tread

See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Raiser head

See 'Options' below and insert requirements.


Mechanical (screw) and adhesive fix, secret fix, without pips

Mechanical (screw) and adhesive fix, with pips

Q-Fix (adhesive only)

Ten-year project warranty available, consult manufacturer for details.

Product Options


- Colour:

By light reflectance value (LRV) and colour name.

- Ecoglo:

  • 5 Black.
  • 49 Yellow.
  • 69 Photoluminescent.

- Plus-Tread:

  • 5 Carbon.
  • 9 Ruby.
  • 22 Aqua.
  • 27 Platinum.
  • 41 Sand.
  • 47 Hornet

- Standard:

  • 6 Claret.
  • 6 Black.
  • 10 Rustic.
  • 10 Peat.
  • 11 Dark Blue.
  • 11 Regency.
  • 11 Spruce.
  • 11 Granite.
  • 13 Poppy.
  • 15 Flint.
  • 16 Royal Blue.
  • 21 Fawn.
  • 26 Light Grey.
  • 30 Jade.
  • 33 Tangerine.
  • 49 Polar Grey.
  • 51 Ivory.
  • 52 Sky.
  • 53 Lime.
  • 56 Sun.
  • 64 Mist.
  • 67 Yellow.
  • 69 Photoluminescent.
  • 77 Desert.
  • 81 White.

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