R850 Adhesive


An elastic one-component silane-based adhesive for all types of wood floors. It is water and solvent free and causes practically no swelling of the wood. Provides good adhesion to almost all substrates and timber materials.

Cannot be used directly onto bituminous substrates.

General information

Specification data - Modified silane (MS) polymer adhesives

Product Reference

R850 Adhesive

R850T Adhesive

Designed for use in cartridge gun.


Not required




Product Options


- D550:

One component dispersion-based primer for the preparation of substrates prior to the use of Bona H650 self levelling compound. Recommended for use on Calcium Sulphate (anhydrite) screed, chipboard and cement based substrates.

- H650:

Rapid drying and hardening self levelling and smoothing compound specifically designed for areas where speed is essential for rapid renovation and repair work prior to using Bona R850.

- R580:

A unique, single coat, fast setting, silane-based moisture barrier. Water and solvent free, designed to treat damp subfloors prior to the installation of wood flooring using Bona silane-based adhesives.

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