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Quoins - Plain Section, Chamfered and Bespoke

Third party certifications:
  • BSI Kitemark

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Procter Cast Stone

High quality quoins for building corners in both traditional and contemporary designs.

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Stone quoins are the stones which form the corner of a building and can be both structural and for visual effect, or just the latter. In an architectural sense, quoins are typically used to create a feeling of strength and as a visual frame to a building. The cast stone process allows for total consistency of building products in terms of size, quality and finish.

General information

330/215 x 100 x 215 mm

Uniclass 2015
Cast stone masonry units (Pr_20_93_52_13)Primary
Specification data - Cast stone masonry units
Product Reference

Quoin, ‘L’ shaped - Chamfered

Quoin, ‘L’ shaped - Plain



Cheshire Red

Dark Portland

Light Portland

Light Yorkshire

Millstone Grit

Millstone Light


Standard product features


330/215 x 100 x 215 mm.


22 kg.

Third party certifications
  • BS 1217
  • UKCSA approved
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