Quantum is the entry-level powered mobile shelving system combining aesthetics with electronic control.

The operating buttons are touch sensitive black anodized aluminium incorporating piezo electric technology. They are mounted in a tinted Perspex panel and include LED lights to indicate the direction of the mobiles movement during use and also to give a constant update on the charge of the contained battery unit.

Simple and safe to use, press and hold a button to move all the carriages at once, let go and the movement will stop.

Completely cable free as each individual unit is powered by lithium ion batteries, charged by connecting to a standard 13 A plug or hard wired into an electrical spur. The batteries will retain power for several weeks if unused. However under normal use they will run for five to seven days without recharging.

Safety certified ensuring it will meet all Health and Safety criteria of any business.

Designed to run on the Monotrak floor system. This means it can sit directly on a level access carpeted floor avoiding the trip hazards of infill floors and ensuring décor through the office remains consistent.

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_30_87_57 Office storage unitsPrimary


N10/135 Storage and display units

N10/160 Shelving system

Specification data - Office storage units

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Static carriages

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