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QF2 Fire Protection Compound

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QF2 Fire Protection Compound is intended for use as a gap filling material where cables and pipework services penetrate fire compartment floors and walls.

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QF2 Fire Protection Compound is intended for use as a gap filling material where cables and pipework services penetrate fire compartment floors and walls. QF2 Fire Protection Compound expands slightly on curing (0.1%), to form a rigid seal and is also suitable for use in load bearing situations. Subsequent to installation it will accept further services penetrating the barrier without damage.


The QF2 Fire Protection Compound is a non-combustible compound manufactured from lightweight graded fire resisting aggregates, in organic binders and high-quality gypsum cements to give excellent fire resistance, strength and versatile workability.

The QF2 Fire Protection Compound is mixed on site with water and can be applied to both floors and walls. Once cured, QF2 will provide a load bearing and fire rated seal.

Features and benefits:

  • Suitable for load bearing situations
  • Expands slightly on curing to form a rigid seal
  • The use of extensive shuttering is not necessary
  • Can be used in conjunction with other Quelfire Products such as the QWW & QuelCoil Intuwraps and QWR Fire Collars
  • Ideal for service risers
  • Suitable for use in concrete floors, hollow core slabs and steel profiled deck floor systems
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Expected to last the lifetime of the service installation

Standards and approvals:

  • Up to four hour fire rating
  • Fire Tested to BS 476-20 and BS EN1366-3


One square metre at 100mm thickness requires approx. 4 x 20kg sacks of QF2 Fire Protection Compound.


QF2 is mixed on site with clean water in a plastic container by slowly adding the dry powder to the water while stirring by hand or power mixer to ensure a smooth lump-free mix.

Fore recommended mixes (Dry Powder / Water Ratio) please refer to the associate "Product Data Sheet".


QF2 Fire Protection Compound is not waterproof and as it is mostly gypsum based will absorb water if exposed. It can potentially be treated with a 2-part epoxy paint in order to offer some waterproofing but it must be fully dried before application and we recommend a trial is carried out before application to check compatibility and adhesion.

Packaging & Storage

QF2 is supplied in 20kg bags which must be stored in dry conditions. Shelf life, in an unopened bag is typically 12 months.

Health & Safety

QF2 Fire Protection Compound contains gypsum plaster and natural, or heat processed aggregates. Appropriate protective clothing, including gloves, dust mask, safety glasses, should be worn, especially during mixing, to guard against dust inhalation, eye damage and skin irritation.

For further information, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet, available on request.


The QF2 Fire Protection Compound may be used in rigid walls and floors. QF2 is readily mixed with water in a bucket or concrete mixer, to consistencies that range from pourable, stiff or suitable to be trowelled.

QF2 can be used in conjunction with other QuelStop system products such as the QWW and QuelCoil Intuwraps and the QWR fire collar.

QF2 Fire Protection Compound expands slightly on curing (0.1%), to form a rigid seal and will provide a load bearing seal at 100mm thick.

The setting time for QF2 depends on the atmospheric temperature. It may be built up further within two or three hours where large barriers are required.

Vertical openings through floors:

It is recommended that appropriate shuttering such as MW Mineral Wool Slabs should be cut to suit the penetration slightly oversize and around all penetrating services so when installed it will be a good friction fit.

The MW Slab should be positioned towards the bottom of the hole to allow the correct depth of the QF2 Fire Protection Compound to be installed on top – normally a minimum of 100mm but this should be checked in accordance with the test evidence and recommendations.

Consideration should be given to any necessary temporary or permanent support that may also be required.

Once the MW Shuttering Slab is securely fitted, any necessary closure devices required around the service penetrations such as QWW Intuwraps to plastic pipes may be installed.

The QF2 Fire Protection Compound can then be poured on top of the MW Shuttering Slab.

Once the QF2 Fire Protection Compound has cured, the shuttering can be removed so that the fire seal is visible. If retained, we recommend that the shuttering is at least cut back around the service so that the fire seal is visible and exposed to fire. All combustible materials such as plywood, must be removed, after the QF2 Fire Protection Compound has set.

Where the barrier is required to provide a load bearing capability, consideration should be given to structural support, such as reinforcing bars. Consideration may also be given to the use of a permanent shuttering system. In all loadbearing situations the QF2 Fire Protection compound thickness must be at least 100mm.

As the load bearing performance particularly in un-reinforced situations is dependent on compressive membrane action against the concrete slab edge or other rigid boundary, it is essential to check that this is vertical, before commencing installation.

Where the thickness of the seal is built up using multi layers, the structural strength of the seal may be reduced. It is therefore recommended, particularly in load bearing situations, that a maximum of 10% thickness is installed initially, and the remaining thickness applied as a further single operation.

Building up the seal in several operations with the individual layers being allowed to set, will result in a weak laminated structure with severely reduced load bearing performance.

Cutting out part of the finished seal to accommodate additional services, must not be undertaken without review by a competent person, of the effect on the structural integrity of the seal and also to ensure that the seal will still fall within the tested scope of application.

Horizontal Openings through walls:

It is recommended that the QF2 Fire Compound should be installed to a minimum thickness of 100mm. The QF2 Fire Protection Compound may be pre-cast into convenient sized blocks with a stiff mix being used as a bedding mortar or the QF2 Fire Protection Compound can be plastered onto a MW shuttering slab to the required depth.

General information



Guidance for specification option:

Light pink.



Guidance for specification option:

Plaster: Calcium sulfate hemihydrate.



Guidance for specification option:



Pr_20_31_53_43 Intumescent mortarsPrimary


P12/340 Intumescent mortar

P12/37 Intumescent mortar

Specification data - Intumescent mortars


Gypsum based.

Guidance for specification option:

  • Gypsum plasters (Calcium sulfate hemihydrate; CAS number: 10034-76-1).
  • Graded perlite granules (below 10%): CAS number: 93763-70-3.
  • Traces of modifying additives and pigment (below 1%).

Manufacturer guidance

Dry blend mixture.

Fire resistance

≤240 min.

Guidance for specification option:

  • Tested on vertical and horizontal compartment walls and floors.
  • Fire tested to BS 476: Part 20: 1987, and the principles of EN 1366-3: 1993 and BS EN 1366-3: 2009.


1 m² at 100 mm thick: 80 kg (4 x 20 kg sacks), 1 m² at 50 mm thick: 40 kg (2 x 20 kg sacks).

Sound reduction

≤47 dB.

Guidance for specification option:

Acoustic tested to BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995.


Powder, light pink.





Setting time

Dependent on atmospheric temperature.

Melting point


Flash point

Not applicable.


Decomposition: Not determined, Ignition: Not applicable.

Controlled reaction

Stability and reactivity: Stable and unreactive, no hazardous decomposition products.

Sustainability data

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


Product Data Sheet - QF2 Fire Protection Compound

Product Data Sheet - QF2 Fire Protection Compound

Installation Instructions - QF2 Fire Protection Compound

Installation Instructions - QF2 Fire Protection Compound