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High quality picture graphics and logos for any door, wall or mural scheme so as to visually enhance the presentation of any retail, leisure, or front of house situation. With no cracks or gaps where bacteria or fungi can flourish and with a hygienic and durable wipe clean surface, Digi-Print Sheet enables the creation of attractive designs and washable murals so striking images can be added to interior walls and surfaces, without the worry of compromising cleanliness and hygiene.


  • Bespoke design.
  • Suitable for any image or graphic.
  • Extremely hygienic and durable.
  • Wipe clean and fully washable.
  • Vivid colours that don’t fade.


  • Create bespoke attractive designs to suit your environment.
  • Maintains a clean safe environment ensuring staff and patient hygiene safety.
  • Maintain maximum impact of your surroundings.

General information

Bespoke design

Suitable for any image or graphic

Extremely hygienic and durable

Wipe clean and fully washable

Vivid colours that don’t fade

Uniclass 2015 Plastics window films (Pr_25_57_51_60)
Specification data
Product Reference

FSD-01 PVC-U Digitally Printed Sheet

Size: 2440 x 1220 mm.

FSD-99 PVC-U Digitally Printed Sheet

Bespoke; insert sheet size requirement.


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