For all aspects of waterproofing where a Grade 1 to Grade 3 environment is required as part of a single or dual system recommended in BS 8102: 2009.


Thermoplastic, flexible polypropylene alloy (FPA) substructure waterproofing membranes, which provide protection for below-ground structures and podium slabs.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to install.
  • Heat-welded to provide robust waterproofing between each membrane overlap.
  • Provides a barrier to radon as well as water.
  • Ultraviolet (UV)-resistant.
  • CE marked and BBA-accredited.


For all aspects of waterproofing where a Grade 1 to Grade 3 environment is required as part of a single or dual system recommended in BS 8102: 2009.


For use in below-ground substructure waterproofing, including:

  • Swimming pools (externally).
  • Car parks.
  • Habitable spaces.
  • Lift pits.
  • Slabs.
  • Liner walls.
  • Capping beams.
  • Service penetrations.
  • Can be installed in steel, contiguous or secant piled design.


  • Podiums/ suspended slabs where exposed to foot traffic.
  • Roof gardens.

Sealed through a hot air gun on the overlapping joints. Not intended for movement joints – consult manufacturer for details.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_65_60 Plastics sheetsPrimary


J40/140 Loose laid plastics or rubber sheet gas retardant damp proofing

J40/145 Loose laid weldable polyethylene gas retardant damp proofing

Specification data - Plastics sheets

Product Reference


A fleece-backed, pre-applied membrane system which bonds straight to concrete during its wet state and provides a fully welded system between membrane and concrete.


A reinforced loose lay membrane, manufactured with a fibreglass reinforcing mat.


1.2 mm

1.5 mm

Accessories/ Other requirement

Not required

Heat Weld Appliances and Ancillaries

PS Tie Bolt Hole Tube

Surestop Adhesive

Surestop BWB

Sealing construction joints.

Surestop SM

Surestop Steel Cage Mesh

Surestop SWB

Sealing construction joints.

Surestop Voidformer

Standard product features

Size (w x l):

2.1 x 25 m.


Grey/ black.

Technical characteristics:

- Density (to EN 1849-2):

  • PUDLO TF: 1.2 mm: 1.27 kg/m²; 1.5 mm: 1.53 kg/m².
  • PUDLO TR: 1.2 mm: 1.1 kg/m²; 1.5 mm: 1.37 kg/m².

- Tensile properties:

  • Tensile strength (to EN 12311-2): PUDLO TR: 550–650 N/50 mm; PUDLO TF: 15–16 N/mm².
  • Elongation at break (to 12311-2): 700%.
  • Dimensional stability (to 1107-2): PUDLO TR: <0.1%; PUDLO TF: <0.5%.
  • Cold flexibility (to EN 495-5): <-40°C.
  • Tear resistance (to EN 12310-1): PUDLO TR: 290–450 N; PUDLO TF: 400–650 N.
  • Water vapour permeability (to EN 1931): 90.
  • Resistance to static loading (to EN 12730-B): >25 kg.
  • Resistance to impact (to EN 12691-B): >1000 mm.
  • Hail resistance (to EN 13583): >30 m/s.
  • Watertightness (to EN 1928): Absolute.

- Joint strength:

Peeling (to EN 12316-2): >580 N/mm.

- Durability:

Resistance to artificial UV light: No surface damage or changes to cold flexibility as per EN 495-5.

- Heat ageing:

  • Change in tensile strength (to EN 12311-2): -5%.
  • Change in elongation at break (to EN 12311-2): -5%.
  • Mechanically retained system: PUDLO TR: >6000 Pa; PUDLO TF: >5000 Pa.
  • Reaction to fire (to EN 13501-1): PUDLO TR: Class E; PUDLO TF: Class F.
  • Resistance to algae and micro-organisms (to ISO 846): Compliant.
  • Root resistance (to EN 13948): Pass.
  • Contact with drinking water: Suitable.

Third party certifications
  • Certificate: 18/5526
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