Prosfas is a solvent-free silicate based consolidating compound for cementitious screeds. It can be used to consolidate, even in depth, cementitious substrates with poor consistency, and to harden cementitious screeds that tend to crumble on the surface.

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_65_50 Masonry stabilizersPrimary


K21/10 Wood laminate flooring

K21/110 Wood flooring

K21/115 Wood laminate flooring

K21/145 Composite laminate flooring

K21/146 Laminate flooring

K21/20 Composite laminated flooring

M50/10 Resilient floor tiling

M50/110 Resilient floor tiling

M50/130 Carpet tiling

M50/15 Carpet tiling

M50/170 Carpeting

M50/20 Sheeting

M50/25 Carpeting

M50/460 Smoothing/ levelling underlayment compound

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Sustainability Brochure