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ProScreed X Levelling Screed


Suitable for localized infilling and levelling of concrete structures prior to the installation of Zero Falls PermaQuik waterproofing system.

ProScreed X can also be used as a levelling screed or a repair mortar on cementitious substrates.


PermaQuik ProScreed X is a two-component cold liquid-applied resin-based levelling screed.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be installed over PermaQuik waterproofing.
  • Heavy duty, water free and ultra-fast curing.
  • Moldable.
  • Chemical and UV resistant.
  • Solvent and isocyanate free.
  • Mechanically resistant and water resistant.
  • High compressive strength of circa 60 N/mm² with a density of approximately 2.10 kg/mm/m².
  • Tool cleaning: Clean tools with ProScreed X Cleaner.
  • Delivery conditions: ProScreed X R Resin 2 kg drum, ProScreed X Filler 23 kg bag.
  • Storage (shelf life): Store unopened in a cool, dry, well ventilated place above freezing, out of direct sunlight and in the original container. Shelf life if stored correctly: minimum six months.
  • Refer to Safety Data Sheets for Health and Safety information and recommended EWC waste codes.

General information




Dibenzoyl peroxide

Methyl methacrylate

2-ethylhexyl acrylate

Aliphatic urethan acrylate

Ethyl methacrylate

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Pr_35_31_06_78 Self-smoothing levelling screed mixesPrimary


M10/7 Proprietary quick drying levelling screeds

M10/160 Proprietary self smoothing levelling screeds

Specification data - Self-smoothing levelling screed mixes Enhanced data


Manufacturer's standard.

Thoroughly mix the ProScreed X R resin in the drum with a slow speed mixer until the resin achieves a uniform consistency; If required, decant a measured weight of resin into a suitable container.

Pour the ProScreed X R resin into a clean mixing bucket and add the ProScreed X Filler in the ratio 11.5 parts filler to 1.00 part resin (by weight) by slowly pouring the ProScreed X Filler into the ProScreed X R resin and thoroughly mixing with a slow speed mixer for at least 2 minutes and until the mixture achieves a smooth, uniform consistency and buff colour.

Use the mixed material within the pot life.


Manufacturer's standard.

Ensure that the substrate is clean, dry and free from dust, laitance, grease, oil and any other contaminants and assess/ pre-treat/ prepare substrate in accordance with Radmat Specification. 

Prime in accordance with Radmat Specification.

Ambient temperature



Up to 95%.


/ Dew point:

3°C above dew point.

Curing time


Rainproof = 30 minutes; Can be walked on or over coated = 45 minutes; Able to withstand stress = 1 hour.

Delivery condition

ProScreed X R Resin 2 kg drum, ProScreed X Filler 23 kg bag.



60 n/mm².



2.10 kg/mm/m².


ProScreed X Resin - Safety Data Sheet

ProScreed X Resin - Safety Data Sheet

ProScreed X Filler - Safety Data Sheet

ProScreed X Filler - Safety Data Sheet