Proofex Total


A reinforced, loose laid gas membrane designed to protect buildings and their occupants from the effects of methane, radon, carbon-dioxide and other harmful gases. Proofex Total also acts as a damp-proof membrane.

Proofex Total is a six layer gas impermeable membrane comprising an aluminium foil layer and a polyester reinforcing grid sandwiched between four layers of polyolefins.

Joint laps:

Minimum laps of 150 mm are recommended.

General information


J40/140 Loose laid plastics or rubber sheet gas retardant damp proofing

J40/35 Loose laid plastics or rubber gas retardant damp proofing

Specification data

Product Reference

Proofex Total

Sealant tape

Not required

Proofex Total sealant tape

Proofex Detail Strip

Use rather than 'Total' tape for increased performance.

Standard product features



Water vapour permeability (BS 3177):

0.00 g/m²/day.

Methane gas transmission rate (BR 212):

0.00 g/m²/day.

Bursting strength (DIN 53141):

800 kPa (min).

Nail tear at maximum load (MOAT 27:5.4.1):

  • Longitudinal: 219 N.
  • Transverse: 221 N.

Product Options

Sealant tape:

  • Proofex Total is a double sided butyl sealant tape.
  • Proofex Detail Strip is a reinforced double sided waterproof adhesive tape for sealing and jointing roll ends, cut edges and wall to floor detailing.


Technical data sheet catalogue

Technical data sheet catalogue

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Third party certifications

  • 01/3850