Profipress S


Areas of application:

  • Solar installations (flat plate/vacuum collector).
  • District heat supply systems.
  • Low-​pressure steam systems.

Use for systems with additives (e.g. anti-​corrosion or anti-​freeze agents in heating water) or areas of application other than those described must be approved by Viega.


Flow-​optimised press connector system made of copper (99.9 % Cu-​DHP), gunmetal or silicon bronze for copper pipes. Press connectors for protecting the sealing element equipped with cylindrical pipe guide. The pressing force is located before and behind the sealing element seat. Suitable for concealed and pre-​wall installations of riser pipes and floor installations.


Manufacturer, pipe dimension, batch, approval markings (DVGW), white dot on press end, white rectangle with inscription »FKM«.

Press connector with SC‑Contur:

Inadvertently unpressed connections are noticed immediately during a leakage test. Viega guarantees the detection of unpressed connections in the following pressure ranges:

  • Minimum water pressure: 0.1 MPa/ 1 bar/ 14.5 PSI.
  • Maximum water pressure: 0.65 MPa/ 6.5 bar/ 94.3 PSI.
  • Minimum air pressure: 22 hPa/ 22 mbar/ 0.3 PSI.
  • Maximum air pressure: 0.3 MPa/ 3 bar/ 43.5 PSI.

Sealing elements:

FKM (fluorocarbon rubber), matt black, pre-​assembled.

The use of Profipress S and Profipress connectors with FKM sealing elements in potable water and gas installations is not permitted.

Standards and approvals

Press connectors tested in accordance with DVGW Worksheet W 534 with DVGW test mark.

Press connectors suitable for copper pipes in accordance with DIN EN 1057 and DVGW Worksheet GW 392.

General information



99.9 % Cu-​DHP.


Silicone bronze

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_63_18 Copper pipeline fittingsPrimary


S90/150 Indirect hot water storage supply

S90/150 Indirect hot water storage supply

S90/130 Instantaneous hot water supply

S90/110 Mains cold water supply

S90/110 Mains cold water supply

S90/130 Instantaneous hot water supply

S90/120 Storage cold water supply

S90/140 Direct hot water storage supply

S90/140 Direct hot water storage supply

S90/120 Storage cold water supply

Specification data - Copper pipeline fittings Enhanced data


Consult literature and insert requirements [part number(s)].



Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.



12–35 mm.


Solar installations (flat plate/vacuum collectors): 140°C/ 284°F; short-​term max. 280°C/ 536°F. District heat supply systems: 140°C/ 284°F. Low-​pressure steam systems: 120°C/ 248°F.

Operating pressure (maximum)

Solar installations (flat plate/vacuum collectors): 0.6 MPa/ 6 bar/ 87 PSI. District heat supply systems: 1.6 MPa/ 16 bar/ 232 PSI. Low-​pressure steam systems: 0.1 MPa/ 1 bar/ 14.5 PSI.

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