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A universal elastic, top quality MS polymer construction adhesive and sealant. Adheres without primer to most construction materials (masonry, glass, primed or painted wood, PVC-U, glazed surfaces, masonry and brick, epoxy and polyester etc).

Sea water resistant and contains no solvents or isocyanates. Offers excellent UV and weathering resistance and does not cause corrosion in metal connections. Cures under influence of air humidity to a permanent elastic rubber with good aging properties.

Sovereign Pro-Stick 2000 is an integral part of the Hey'di K11 tanking system where it is used in the sealing of service pipes and cables and to fix battens to the K11 system when it is to be dry lined.

Can be used to seal roof edges, clamping profiles, joints at aluminium and other synthetic frames, connecting joints at aluminium gutters etc.

General information


290 ml


Pr_20_31_02_52 Modified silane (MS) polymer adhesivesPrimary


E40/530 Sealant

F30/610 Movement joints with sealant

F30/76 Movement joints with sealant

H20/150 Sheet cladding

H20/155 Sheet cladding

J42/325 Adhesive

K10/185 Wall lining system (adhesive)

K10/45 Wall lining system (adhesive)

K21/110 Wood flooring

K21/111 Wood floating floor

K21/115 Wood laminate flooring

K21/120 Battened wood flooring

K21/140 Battened wood laminate flooring

L10/75 Sealant joints

L10/810 Sealant joints

M42/110 Wood block flooring

M42/120 Mosaic parquet panel flooring

M50/640 Adhesive fixing generally

N10/460 Sealant

N10/80 Sealant

Specification data - Modified silane (MS) polymer adhesives

Product Reference

Pro Stick 2000






Standard product features


Thixotropic paste.


290 ml.

Tensile strength to DIN 53504/ISO37:

>2 N/mm².

Cure time:

24 hours as an adhesive.

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