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Pro Integrated Breather Membrane

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Pro Breather Membrane 1 x 50 m

Easy-Trim Roofing and Construction Products Ltd Variant:
Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

    Certificate type

BBA-approved breathable membrane with integrated tape. 122 GSM.

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Suitable for:

  • Warm, cold and hybrid roof applications.
  • Scottish sarking boards.
  • Timber & metal framed constructions.
  • Fully supported or unsupported installations.
  • Tiled or slate pitch roofs.


High performance roofing membrane that is vapour permeable, water resistant and airtight. They allow vapour to escape from the inside whilst repelling rainwater from the outside, helping to minimise condensation in the roof space. 

The membranes are available with or without integrated overlap tap.

Weight: 122 GSM

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent tensile strength / tear resistance.
  • UV Stable for 3 months.
  • Superior 3-layer bond system.
  • Printed cutting grid minimising waste.
  • Available with or without integrated overlap tape.  
  • Wide range of weights available.
  • Available in 1m or 1.5m lengths.
  • Integrated tape allows for faster installation.
  • Integrated tape membranes are suitable for use in all five wind zones.

Quality Standards:

  • BBA certified for warm and cold roof applications BBA 10/4753.
  • Complies to all Wind Zones 1-5.
  • Conforms to BS 5534.2014 Annex A.
  • Type LR Underlay to BS 5250.

Wind Zone Suitability

The wind uplift resistance figures for Easy-Trim breather membrane applies in the geographical wind zones stated on the datasheet, where a well-sealed ceiling is present and the roof has a ridge height of ≤15m, a pitch between 15° and 75°, and a site altitude of ≤100m, and where the topography is not significant.

The required uplift resistance for other roofing projects should be determined using BS 5534: 2014 +A1: 2015 and the declared wind up lift resistance which can be made available through our technical department.

General information








50000 mm


1000 mm

1500 mm


Pr_25_57_10_94 Vapour-permeable sheetsPrimary


H60/235 Vapour-permeable underlay

H61/235 Vapour-permeable underlay

H62/235 Vapour-permeable underlay

H64/307 Vapour-permeable underlay

H65/235 Vapour-permeable underlay

H67/290 Vapour-permeable underlay

Product range

Breather Membranes

Specification data - Vapour-permeable sheets


To BS 5534.2014 Annex A

Class (minimum)






Third-party certification


Weight (minimum)

122 g/m².

Reaction to fire

Class E.

Water vapour transmission

0.02 m.


260/ 170 N/50mm.

(machine direction/ cross machine direction).

Elongation MD/CD

50/ 80%.

(machine direction/ cross machine direction).

Resistance to tearing

120/ 140 N.

(machine direction/ cross machine direction).

Dimensional stability


Flexibility at low temperature


Resistance to air penetration

<0.02 m³/m²·h·50Pa.

Temperature resistance


Hydrostatic resistance

>280 cm.

Integral accessories

Not required.

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials



Integrate Pro Datasheet

Integrate Pro Datasheet

Pro Datasheet

Pro Datasheet

Easy-trim Breather Membrane Guide

Easy-trim Breather Membrane Guide

Third party certifications

  • 10/4753

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