Powertrak is a powered mobile shelving system with programmable logic controls and combines this technology with the simple operator controls. In normal operation, the operator simply presses 'green for go' and all operations are handled automatically by the logic systems.

Features and benefits:

- Safety:

  • A total aisle safety edge is standard to protect personnel and the mobile carriages in the event of a kick-step being left in the aisle. This is simply operated by touching the edge with your foot to set it into operation.
  • The full width safety edge activation locks the aisle in the open position to draw the operators' attention to the problem. Hard wired into the motor power supply and fail-safe in operation.
  • Emergency stop button, with physical reset, hard-wired directly into the motor power supply.
  • Motor time-out to cut power to the motor after an adjustable time delay has elapsed.

- System:

  • A smooth effortless power operation regardless of the load on the carriage.
  • The mobile units move at a rate of approximately 6 mm per second, or ¼ inch per second, which can be manually adjusted via a speed control unit.
  • The system is direct drive, using either Monotrak of Multitrak bases.
  • Remote aisle access is an option on both systems, as are a range of other features, such as security coded access to the whole system or individual bays.
  • Powertrak requires a 240 V supply. The control system operates on 24 V d.c. Complete with dedicated transformer.

Additional security features available via the keypad include:

  • PIN access to authorized staff for start-up, shut down and aisle movements.
  • Programmable locking of any aisle in the system (floating closed aisle mode).
  • Timed access to system to allow personnel access during specific hours only.
  • Full PC interface for access, stock location and file tracking via software if required.
  • Swipe card, smart card, thumbprint and iris (eye) recognition access control.
  • Security soleword lock.
  • Link to external alarms and access logging.

All components and manufacturing techniques comply with relevant standards, and the system is CE marked and is EMC compliant in accordance with EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1.

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