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Platon Plaster Base - Cavity Drainage Membrane for Plaster Finish

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  • BBA Agrément Certificate

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Triton Systems

An impermeable high density polyethylene (HDPE) studded wall/ ceiling membrane for direct plastering.

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An impermeable high density polyethylene (HDPE) studded membrane. It is impermeable to water, gas and water vapour, and is used on internal walls and vaulted ceilings, above or below ground, in new or existing buildings. It can be used over a contaminated or damp background. The inner surface is finished with a plaster or render coat, or dry lining on plaster dabs.

Fixing to vertical/ sloping surfaces:

Platon Plaster Plugs (8 x 70 mm) at a minimum of 13 per m².

Joint lap:

Minimum two studs overlap is recommended; joints sealed.

General information
Specification data - Rubber studded sheets
Product Reference

Platon Plaster Base

Joint sealant

Not required

Platon Overtape

Platon Sealing Rope

Platon Sealing Tape

Standard product features




  • Membrane: 0.5 mm.
  • Stud height: 5 mm.

Drainage capacity (maximum):

1.84 L/m².

Product Options

Joint sealant:

  • Platon Overtape: Butyl rubber tape backed with non-woven polypropylene for sealing joints in the membrane; size 115 mm wide x 1 mm thick, roll length 25 m.
  • Platon Sealing Rope: Blend of butyl and other rubbers used to seal joints in the membrane, seal the membrane around pipes and openings, and to form a gasket between the mechanical fixings and membrane; size, 10 mm diameter, roll length 5 m; colour, blue.
  • Platon Sealing Tape: Butyl rubber tape used to seal joints in the membrane and for use with the 'Wall/ Floor Junction'; size, 30 mm wide x 2 mm thick, roll length 20 m.

Third party certifications
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