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Platon DE40/500 - Green Roof Drainage Membrane

Platon DE40/500 is capable of storing large volumes of water and discharging it over a period of time. Offers a water storage volume of 10 L/ m² and a stud height of 40 mm.

The linked chambers ensure an optimum distribution of water and nutrients. On extensive green roofs, it allows the use of plants with a low level of resistance to dry periods and extends the intervals between necessary watering.

On the underside of the mat, studs form a drainage layer that provides high drainage. Excess water may be safely drained without any problems.

Offers a drainage capacity of 3.85 L/ m per second at 2% slope. Very high pressure resistance and stability means the load is distributed evenly over the whole surface, allowing roof structures with a higher applied loadings.


  • High performance water storage and drainage element.
  • Performs as a permanent form in construction with foot or light traffic.
  • High pressure resistance: 500 kN/m² (filled).
  • Suitable for intensive and extensive green roofs.
  • May be integrated into different systems.

General information


HDPE (recycled)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_74 Rubber studded sheetsPrimary


Q37/350 Drainage layer

Specification data - Rubber studded sheets

Product Reference

Platon DE40/500 - Green Roof Drainage Membrane

Standard product features

Sheet size:

  • 1.29 x 2.23 m.
  • Sheet thickness (nominal): 0.50 mm.


HDPE (recycled).

Stud height:

40 mm.


1900 g/m².

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