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PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows CIPI

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PFC Corofil Fire Stop Products Third party certifications:
  • UL-EU Certified

    UL-EU Certified

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Intumescent pillow for use around service penetrations.

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The intended use of PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows CIPI is to reinstate the fire resistance performance of rigid walls where they have been penetrated by various cables and single metallic pipes.


PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows CIPI are a mixture of reactive and non-reactive components encased in a thin woven glass fibre casing. PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows is a dry system and does not require the use of any sealant or sealing products.

Available in three different sizes:

Large: 330mm x 200mm x 45mm

Medium: 330mm x 200mm x 25mm

Small: 330mm x 50mm x 20mm

Features and benefits:

• Tested to EN 1366-3

• Provides fire resistance performance of up to 120 minutes integrity and insulation

• Suitable for both permanent and temporary applications

• Suitable for installation into openings up to 1100mm x 1100mm depending upon the configuration

• Conditioned to Type Z1: Intended for use in internal conditions with humidity equal to or higher than 85% RH excluding temperatures below 0°C, without exposure to rain or UV; tested in accordance with EOTA TR024

• Have an assumed working life of 10 years

• 3rd party certification; UL-EU Certificate UL-EU-01173-CPR

General information




High temperature resistant fabric formed into a pillow, which contains a combination of components including an intumescent material.





330 mm


50 mm

200 mm


25 mm

45 mm


Pr_25_80_81_43 Intumescent pillowsPrimary


P12/345 Intumescent pillows

Specification data - Intumescent pillows


330 x 50 x 20 mm.

Approximately 1000 per m².

330 x 200 x 25 mm.

Approximately 200 per m².

330 x 200 x 45 mm.

Approximately 112 per m².

Fire performance

Up to two hours (120 minutes).

To EN 1366-3:2009, dependent on application.

Sound insulation rating

RW (C; Ctr) = 33(0;-2) dB.

To EN 10140.

Third-party certification

UL-EU Certificate: UL-EU-01173-CPR.

Sustainability data

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Third party certifications

UL-EU Certified

UL-EU Certified

PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows CIPI - UL-EU Certificate: 01173-CPR


PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows CIPI - Datasheet

PFC Corofil Intumescent Pillows CIPI - Datasheet