PFC Corofil C144 Firestop Blocks

Used to firestop profiles in roofing, cladding and composite floor decking.


Firestopping blocks manufactured to suit the specific trapezoidal shape. The width is determined by the fire rating of the masonry wall. When firestopping steel beams or plasterboard partitions, the block must fill the full width of the beam or partition.

Features and benefits:

  • Supplied to suit floor decking, roofing or cladding profile.
  • Used for sealing partition heads. No need to scribe plasterboard into corrugations.
  • Used to seal top flanges of fire boarded structural steel and provide compartmentation.
  • Used in conjunction with C144 Firestop Strips to seal between top of blockwork and underside of profiled sheeting.
  • Individual blocks to suit depth of wall or continuous sections where corrugations run parallel with walls.
  • Airtight and smoke seal when used in conjunction with Fastight Coating.
  • Improved acoustic performance when applied with Fastight Coating.
  • Available shrink wrapped to prevent fibre migration.
  • Approved for use on London Underground/ Crossrail projects.


Used to firestop profiles in roofing, cladding and composite floor decking.

General information


Stone wool

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_80_81_51 Mineral wool fire-stoppingPrimary


P12/160 Linear gap sealing

Specification data - Mineral wool fire-stopping

Product Reference

PFC Corofil C144 Firestop Blocks


Insert sheet profile requirement.

Standard product features


Stone wool.

Fire rating (to BS 476-20: 1987):

Available up to four hours (240 minutes) dependent on profile, consult manufacturer's literature for more information.

Acoustic performance:

Tested with a twin frame plasterboard partition (250 mm wide, Rw = 67 dB). The blocks were installed at 250 mm long and applied both sides with Fastight Coating which gave a weighted sound reduction index (Rw) of 62 dB.

Third party certifications
  • IFC: FS453-16 : Certification
  • LUL: Certificate: 2299 : Approval
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