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Parinter Renovation

Parinter Renovation

Parex Ltd Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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Renovation render and preparatory bonding coat for rendering onto existing painted masonry or render.

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A restoration and bonding mortar for the renovation of old hydraulic cement or lime based renders, sound or cracked but not delaminated, including render or masonry that has been painted or has received a thick textured coating system. Designed to create a new base coat render suitable for taking a range of decorative finishes including: Decorative coatings, decorative top coat renders and finishes.

Suitable for:

  • Sound concrete, brick and block masonry.
  • Sound and well bonded sandstone or terracotta tiles.
  • Sound rendered masonry including those with a thin paint coating <300 μ (pliolite, acrylic based coatings) or with a thick acrylic covering which has passed preliminary bonding tests.
  • Always carry out preliminary checks of the substrate and prepare thoroughly in accordance with the technical specification.

Unsuitable for substrates covered with:

  • External insulation systems.
  • Thick acrylic coverings that are painted with a water repellent-treatment.
  • Several layers of paint or thick acrylic coverings.
  • Un-sound paint or where multiple layers of paint have been applied and are debonding.
  • Mineral paint e.g. chalk based whitewashes, silicates or silicate-treated thick acrylic coverings.
  • Semi-thick gloss or flexible glycerol paint.
  • Impermeable and/ or flexible coatings.
  • Water repellent surfaces or those with anti-graffiti coatings.
  • Basements, substrates with rising damp or where the walls are continually damp.
  • Exposed horizontal substrates with a vertical incline above 10°. A backward incline may affect water run-off and may have a tendency to hold moisture.

General information


Pr_20_31_53_39 Hydraulic lime mortarsPrimary


M20/310 Lime:sand

M20/330 Proprietary lime:sand

Specification data - Hydraulic lime mortars

Product Reference


Standard product features


  • Compressive strength: CS IV.
  • Adhesion: >0.9 MPa.
  • Water absorption: W1.




  • Blend of hydrated and hydraulic lime.
  • Calcareous and siliceous sand maximum particle size 1.5 mm.

Product preparation:

Water ratio: 5.5–6.2 L per 30 kg bag.

Third party certifications

  • 06/4400