- Asphalt:

Apply directly to clean flooring or paving grade asphalt.


One Part Flexible Adhesive is a highly fortified adhesive mortar for use on walls and floors in internal and external applications; the mortar is specially formulated with polymeric binders to impart flexibility, water resistance and increased strength. The product is ideal for tiling in heavy duty areas such as swimming pools, commercial showers and locations where thermal variations may occur.


Conforms to classification BS EN 12004 C2TE.


- Asphalt:

Apply directly to clean flooring or paving grade asphalt.

- Concrete/ Screed/ Render:

New concrete should be allowed to dry for a minimum six weeks, sand and cement screeds for a period of three weeks. Sand and cement render must be a minimum two weeks old (three weeks in swimming pools). All traces of laitance should be mechanically removed. Dusty or very porous surfaces should be primed with Johnsons Prime and Seal.

- Anhydrite/ Calcium sulphate screeds:

These surfaces must be prepared in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Adequately cured and dry, apply two coats off Johnson Prime and Seal.

- Gypsum plaster:

New plaster should be allowed to dry for a minimum of four weeks, finished plaster should be wire brushed to form a key, seal with Johnsons Prime and Seal.

- Timber surfaces:

Should be overlaid with exterior grade WBP plywood (minimum 15–18 mm thick), fastened with countersunk screws at 300 mm centres and remain free from deflection. The back, face and edges should be sealed using Johnsons Prime and Seal.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_02_03 Acrylic and methacrylate adhesivesPrimary


M40/10 Natural stone covering to

M40/110 Tiling to

M40/115 Natural stone covering to

M40/120 Mosaic to

M40/5 Tiling to

Specification data - Acrylic and methacrylate adhesives

Product Reference

One Part Flexible Grey Adhesive

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