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Nu-Base WB Epoxy is a two-pack, water-based resin. For use on industrial areas subject to regular fork truck traffic. It can be used on concrete and wood substrates and provides a decorative, dust-free finish. The product will not support fungal or bacterial growth and is suitable for use in food processing, dairies and breweries, hospitals, garages, workshops and warehouses.


  • FeRFA Class Type 2: For light to medium duty use.
  • Volume solids: 50%.


All surfaces to be treated must be clean, free from oil and grease. Ideally the substrate should be shot-blasted, mechanically abraded or acid etched with all loose, flaking material and any laitance removed.

General information
Specification data - Heavy-duty flow-applied flooring

Product Reference

Nu-Base WB Epoxy Floor Finish

Standard product features

Drying time at 20°C:

Touch dry 8 hours; foot traffic 24-48 hours; full cure 7 days.

Product Options

Nominal thickness:

Consult manufacturer for details.


Consult manufacturer for details.

Surface finish/ treatment:

Options include anti-slip finishes. Consult manufacturer for details.

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