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Nordus Decospan Veneered Board


Suitable for all wood project applications.


Features and benefits:

  • Decorative panel with a top layer of real wood veneer, a core of 18 mm thick MDF and a backing of real wood veneer for stability.
  • The top layer is a jointed veneer sheet of the chosen design, composed using a mix and match technique. In this process, strips of veneer from various trees with varying cutting methods are randomly jointed into a full sheet, forming a panel which looks like solid wood.

General information








2790 x 1240 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_97_91 Visual grade general veneer plywoodsPrimary


K13/120 Wood-veneered panel lining

K30/10 Relocatable partition system

K30/130 Relocatable partition system

K32/112 Fully framed panel cubicles

K32/120 Panel cubicles

K32/130 Privacy screens

K32/140 Duct/ wall linings – panels only

K32/150 Duct/ wall linings – panels and proprietary frames

K32/160 Duct linings – preplumbed panels and proprietary frames

N10/10 Purpose-made

N10/110 Purpose-made

N10/160 Shelving system

N10/30 Shelving system

N11/380 Purpose made units

N12/440 Purpose made

Product range


Specification data - Visual grade general veneer plywoods Enhanced data

Sheet size

2790 x 1240 mm.

Nominal thickness

18 mm.


Not required.


Matching edge bandings available to order; consult manufacturer for details.


0.6 mm.

1.5 mm.

Species/ Finish

Autumn larch.

Clean spruce.

Honey pine.

Snow birch.

Spring larch.

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Third party certifications

  • FSC®: Chain Of Custody certified

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