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Non-reflective Window Film

A selection of non-reflective solar control window films which are either optically clear or can provide subtle colouring to glazing, without substantially altering the appearance of the building.

All of the window films can reduce heat and glare by different amounts providing the optimum balance between performance and appearance.


  • Filters out virtually all ultra violet rays.
  • Substantial reductions in heat and glare.
  • Provides fade protection for fabrics and furnishings.
  • Some of the window films can also provide daytime privacy if required.


Not all window films are suitable for all glass types – consult The Window Film Company® for details.


This type of window film must be installed by The Window Film Company® to ensure that it complies with the highest possible installation standards to validate the warranty of the product.


Contact manufacturer to obtain samples and additional product literature or visit www.windowfilm.co.uk.


Window film complies with BS 476-6 and -7, Class 0 – Surface Spread of Flame and Ignitability.


Ten year warranty on window films when internally applied by The Window Film Company®.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_60 Plastics window filmsPrimary


L40/610 Window film

L40/95 Window film

Specification data - Plastics window films

Product Reference

Non-reflective Window Film



Climate 70 (Light).


Climate 50 (Medium).


Climate 35 (Dark).


Climate Ultra (Ultra clear; high performance).


Clear Ultra Violet film. (Specific UV material).


Natural Daylight 50 (Light).


Natural Daylight 35 (Medium).


Natural Daylight 20 (Dark).

Product Options


- WFC-CME35:

  • Total solar energy rejected: 72.2%.
  • Glare reduction: 63.8%.
  • Visible light transmission: 35.0%.
  • Ultra violet light rejected: 99.0%.

- WFC-CME50:

  • Total solar energy rejected: 60.9%.
  • Glare reduction: 43.0%.
  • Visible light transmission: 50.0%.
  • Ultra violet light rejected: 99.0%.

- WFC-CME70:

  • Total solar energy rejected: 45.2%.
  • Glare reduction: 23.0%.
  • Visible light transmission: 70.0%.
  • Ultra violet light rejected: 99.0%.


  • Total solar energy rejected: 43.0%.
  • Glare reduction: 24.0%.
  • Visible light transmission: 67.0%.
  • Ultra violet light rejected: 99.0%.


  • Total solar energy rejected: 20.0%.
  • Glare reduction: 6.1%.
  • Visible light transmission: 87.0%.
  • Ultra violet light rejected: 99.0%.

- WFC-DN20:

  • Total solar energy rejected: 55.0%.
  • Glare reduction: 77.0%.
  • Visible light transmission: 20.0%.
  • Ultra violet light rejected: 99.0%.

- WFC-DN35:

  • Total solar energy rejected: 50.5%.
  • Glare reduction: 66.0%.
  • Visible light transmission: 30.0%.
  • Ultra violet light rejected: 99.0%.

- WFC-DN50:

  • Total solar energy rejected: 23.0%.
  • Glare reduction: 41.0%.
  • Visible light transmission: 51.0%.
  • Ultra violet light rejected: 99.0%.

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