Nitoseal PU800 is a two component epoxy urethane elastomeric sealant used for limited movement joints. After mixing, the resultant compound will cure to provide an exceptionally robust seal, while retaining a degree of flexibility.


  • Width: 5–50 mm.
  • Depth: Where joints are less than 25 mm and are fully supported by a solid backing, minimum depth should be 10–15 mm. Where a resilient backing is used, minimum depth should be 20 mm. For wider joints a square section is preferable.

Primers can be specified separately.

General information
Specification data - Acrylic construction joint sealants

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Nitoseal PU800

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Light grey.

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Fosroc Primer 13X is a two part epoxy primer system used where surfaces may be subject to submersion or be permanently damp.

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