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Newton PAC-500 System


Can be installed to both new and existing projects, domestic and commercial to provides protection against:

  • Radon gas;
  • Methane gas;
  • Hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide;
  • Petroleum and diesel contaminated soils;
  • Water ingress.


A combined ‘Type C’ (BS 8102:2009) cavity drain waterproofing and ground gas mitigation system, developed by Newton Waterproofing Systems and Prestige Air Ltd. The addition of the PAC Positive Air Curtain to the System 500 waterproofing provides protection against water, gasses and hydrocarbon vapours from the ground within a single internally applied system.

This system provides basement waterproofing across all environmental grades (Grade 1-3) in accordance with BS 8102:2009, as well a ground gas mitigation system that is integrity tested with tracer gas to confirm viability.

The product consists of an 8 mm virgin HDPE void former/ in-line studded (cuspated) membrane applied internally to the floor and walls of the retained structure. A drainage conduit, Newton Basedrain, is installed in front of the wall membrane and below the floor membrane at the floor wall junction. A specially designed sump system, the Titan-Pro, is installed within the floor and receives two connections via sealed manifolds from the Basedrain System. All joints in the membrane and between membranes and the drainage and sump, are double sealed with butyl tapes. A conduit is installed behind the wall membrane at the top of the wall and again the membrane is double sealed to the conduit. A very low pressure, high volume fan introduces air behind the sealed membrane and pressurises the whole system.

An outlet pipe from the sump allows the pressured air to be removed to above external ground level. The continual flow of low-pressure air ensures that all ground gasses or hydrocarbon vapours meet a pressure air barrier as they attempt to enter the retained space. Ground gasses and hydrocarbon vapours that pass into the structure are received into the pressurised space created by the Positive Air Curtain and then safely pushed out of the property. Water entering the sump from the drainage channels is moved out of the structure with conventional pumps. The membrane system is protected by a screed to the floor and a wall lining system to the walls to provide the habitable space required.

Newton PAC-500 Components:

  • Newton 508 Membrane.
  • Newton NuSeal Plugs.
  • Newton WaterSeal Rope.
  • Newton WaterSeal Tape.
  • Newton Overtape.
  • Newton Basedrain.
  • Newton Titan-Pro.
  • Prestige Air 100 mm PDU.
  • PAC Air Input Manifold.

General information


[Finish, Studded (cuspated) white cavity drain membrane]



[Material, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) cavity drain membranes and additional system ancillaries]



Size, Newton 508R cavity drain membrane is supplied in two roll sizes: 2.07 m x 20 m (M1R), 2.4 m x 20 m (M2R)



[WarrantyDescription, 30-year product warranty]


Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_74 Rubber studded sheetsPrimary


J40/290 High density polyethylene/ polypropylene studded cavity drain membrane

J40/47 High density polyethylene/ polypropylene studded cavity drain membrane

Product range

Internal Cavity Drain Waterproofing

Specification data - Rubber studded sheets Enhanced data

Third-party certification

BBA Certificate 94/3010.

Product Reference

PAC-500 System

Damp proof membranes

Void former/ cavity drain membrane.

System accessories

508R membranes, NuSeal Plugs, WaterSeal Rope, WaterSeal Tape, Overtape, Basedrain, Titan-Pro, Prestige Air 100 mm PDU, PAC Air input manifold.

Compressive strength - Temporary

280 kPa EN 25619-2.

Compressive strength - Permanent

7 kPa EN 25619-2.


0.461 W/mK EN 12667.



Water vapour resistance – Sd value

>604 m BS EN 1931.

Water vapour resistance – μ value

>1 208 000 μ.

Calculated from Sd value.

Water vapour diffusion resistance

>3020 MNs/g.

Calculated from Sd value.

Resistance to fire - Euroclass

Not tested - F. BS EN 13501-1.

Chemical resistance – Excellent

100% EN 14030.

Oxidation resistance – Excellent

100% EN ISO 13438.

Radon gas resistance - Membrane

3.1 x 10(-12) m²/s. K124/02/95.

Radon gas resistance - Joints

2.7 x 10(-12) m²/s. K124/02/95.

Resistance to liquid hydrocarbons

Passed. EN 16140:2011.

Carbon dioxide permeability

1.36 x 10(-8) m²/s.

The test was carried out in accordance with Vinci In-House Test Procedure TP950/05/13569, issue 1, and Rilem Report 12, Performance Criteria for Concrete Durability, E & FN Spon, London, UK, pp 226-230.

Methane permeability

1.42 x 10(-8) m²/s.

The test was carried out in accordance with Vinci In-House Test Procedure TP950/05/13569, issue 1, and Rilem Report 12, Performance Criteria for Concrete Durability, E & FN Spon, London, UK, pp 226-230.

Carbon dioxide transmission rate

318 ml/(m².d.atm). ISO 15105-1.

Methane transmission rate

63.1 ml/(m².d.atm). ISO 15105-1.

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