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Typical applications include:

  • Low head room applications;
  • Garages, plant rooms etc., where the waterproofing does not extend across the floor;
  • As an alternative to using the Newton Basedrain Drainage System where it is not possible to form a recess within the slab or use Basedrain placed on top of the slab.


Above slab drainage conduit designed to capture water that is entering properties via the wall/ floor junction for removal to an appropriate drainage medium.

General information




White drainage conduit at the wall-floor junction


Drainage conduit


2-metre long, narrow plastic drainage channel


1 x 2.0 m length (per pack)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_63_61 Plastics baseboardsPrimary


J40/290 High density polyethylene/ polypropylene studded cavity drain membrane

J40/382 Cavity drainage channels

J40/47 High density polyethylene/ polypropylene studded cavity drain membrane

Specification data - Plastics baseboards Enhanced data

Product Reference

Baseboard End Caps (Right/Left) D11L and D11R

Baseboard Inside Corner D10

Baseboard (Length 2.4 m) D12

Baseboard Outside Corner D9

Total linear coverage per pack

2.0 m.

Weight per pack

6 kg.

Raw material

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U).

Pack supplied with

Three baseboard hangers D12H, one baseboard connector D13, three tubes of adhesive.