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Newton 802-DPM


Suitable for use as:

  • A loose-laid DPM below ground-bearing slabs;
  • A vapour barrier;
  • A slip membrane;
  • A screeding membrane above the insulation;
  • A curing membrane - below and above concrete slabs and rafts; or above slabs and to cementitious screeds, rendering and tanking.

Suitable substrates include:

  • Sand blinding;
  • Closed-cell insulation;
  • Newly placed concrete and cementitious screeds and renders - as a curing membrane;
  • Precast floors - as slip membrane.

The membrane is not able to resist hydrostatic pressure. Do not use as a barrier to resist groundwater.


A BBA certified, 1200 gauge, loose-laid, low-density polyethene damp proof membrane for use below concrete floors or screeds. The damp proof membrane (DPM) is flexible even at low temperatures and is resistant to both ageing and cracking.

The membrane is compatible with all commonly used building materials and can be sealed to Newton 809-DPC to extend the DPM through the spine and exterior walls.

The DPM is suitable for numerous applications within domestic and commercial properties to provide a barrier against vapour and capillary-held moisture in accordance with clause 11 of CP 102:1973 to ensure that floor finishes are dry and is suitable for use below heavy duty rafts and steel reinforced slabs to form a durable and puncture-resistant barrier to capillary-held moisture within the ground, or for use below basement slabs and rafts as a curing membrane.

A range of accessories are available for jointing and to ensure the continuation of the DPM, including single and double-sided tapes, preformed pipe cloaks and seals, and made to order cloaks for steel columns.

Features and benefits:

  • Simple to install, loose-laid ground membrane.
  • Good resistance to elongation and tearing.
  • High water vapour resistance.
  • Chemically inert and resistant to acids and alkalis.
  • Suitable for most common floor construction, including ground-bearing concrete floors, suspended concrete floors or beam and block floors.
  • Range of accessories ensures jointing and detailing to pipes, columns and other protrusions extending through the DPM.
  • 100% recycled.
  • CE marked.

General information


Low-density polyethene (LDPE)






4 x 25 m (w x l), 300 microns (thickness)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_65_60 Plastics sheetsPrimary


J40/120 Loose laid plastics or rubber sheet damp proofing

J40/20 Loose laid plastics or rubber sheet damp proofing

Product range

Damp Proofing Systems

Specification data - Plastics sheets Enhanced data


Low-density polyethene (LDPE).


Loose-laid, low density polyethene damp proof membrane.

Performance characteristics


Tensile strength (minimum)

MD: 20.3 N/m².

CD: 24.3 N/m².

Tear resistance

217 N.

Elongation to break

Sd: 284 m.

μ: 946 667 μ.

Fire performance

Reaction to fire: Class F.

Physical properties






Thickness (minimum)

300 microns.

Width (minimum)

4 m.

Roll length (minimum)

25 m.

Product Reference

Newton 802-DPM


Low-density polyethene (LDPE)


Not required.

Code A35 Newton pipe collar (flexible - 110 mm).

Code A5 Newton water seal tape (30 mm x 22.5 m).

Code A8 Newton over tape (100 mm x 20 m).

Code BX3 110 mm o/d pipe sleeve.

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Elongation to break

MD: 383%.

CD: 416%.

Third party product certification

CE marked, BBA certified 18/5596.

Water vapour diffusion resistance

1420 MNs/g.


2 kPa.

Environmental information



Third party certifications

BBA Agrément Certificate

BBA Agrément Certificate

British Board of Agrément (BBA) - certficate

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