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Monofilament 250 is constructed using a three layered membrane combination and incorporates a high density polyethylene reinforcement grid which ensures high tensile strength and excellent water vapour resistance.

It is for use within buildings with low to medium levels of humidity. It is a loose-laid membrane and therefore intended for use within mechanically fastened warm roof waterproofing systems. Joints should be sealed with Monobond LT sealant tape.

General information


Pr_25_57_08_75 Reinforced bitumen roofing sheetsPrimary


J41/395 Air and vapour control layer

J42/395 Air and vapour control layer

Specification data - Reinforced bitumen roofing sheets

Product Reference

Monofilament 250

Standard product features


200 micrometres.

Vapour resistance:

530 MNs/g.


Loose-laid with joints taped with Monobond LT tape.

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