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Monarflex RMB 400

Third party certifications:
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Reinforced polyethylene radon membrane.

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Reinforced polyethylene radon membrane which is part of the Monarflex radon control system. It can be used loose-laid above or below a ground-bearing slab and is also suitable for use as a dpm. It is a four layer membrane manufactured from virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE) with a 9 x 12 mm multi-filament polyester (1670 dtex) reinforcing grid between to give high strength and tear resistance. Can be used in conjunction with Monarflex Top-Hat units with retention clips, Monarseal Easi-Flash Self-adhesive Radon Flashing and Easi-Pour Liquid Radon Sealant.

Joints should be sealed with Monobond RT Tape.

Necoflex RAM system:

Can be used with other products to form the radon, air and moisture protection system for ground floors in buildings. It is used to seal floors, walls and service penetrations, thereby ensuring the necessary degree of separation between the interior spaces of a building and the underlying soil.

General information

2 x 25 m or 4 x 25 m rolls

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Product Reference

Monarflex RMB 400

Standard product features


2 x 25 m or 4 x 25 m rolls.


0.4 mm.




End and side laps minimum 150 mm.

Technical properties:

  • Elongation: <19%.
  • Tear resistance: >425 N.
  • Tensile strength: >600 N/ 50 mm.
  • Water vapour resistance: >1024 MNs/g.
  • Water vapour transmission: <0.2 gm²24hr.

Third party certifications
  • IAB: Certificate: 06/0075
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