Mineral Façade Protection System


KÖSTER façade protection systems prevent masonry and concrete from liquid water ingress (rain or splash water, condensate) but at the same time they guarantee that water vapour is still able to escape from the façade. That way long term moisture damages can be avoided.

KÖSTER Façade Cream:

Solvent free, colourless after curing, water repellent, diffusion open hydrophobing cream for brick, clinker, natural stone and mineral plasters. Protection for buildings from rain water and from driving rain.

KÖSTER Siloxan:

A façade waterproofing for mineral building materials which is transparent after drying. It is especially suited for brick and natural stone. It penetrates very deeply even into building materials with low porosity. The material is highly alkaline resistant and may therefore be applied to fresh mineral substrates. KÖSTER Siloxan protects buildings from driving and normal rain water - it is water vapour permeable, resistant to frost and de-icing salts.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_77_15 Concrete sealersPrimary


C42/165 Protective coatings

M60/175 Protective coating

M60/18 Special coating

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KÖSTER Façade Cream

KÖSTER Siloxan