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Maxiprufe 2000


Suitable for use as a waterproofing and damp-proofing membrane for Type A basement constructions, up to grade 3 as defined in table 1 of BS 8102:2009. It provides a vapour and waterproof membrane in the construction of sub-structures providing protection against hydrostatic water pressure.

The membrane is not designed for above-ground waterproofing applications; the membrane is for use under 150 mm engineered structural concrete slabs. The membrane should not be applied directly to masonry substrates.


A waterproofing membrane consisting of two polypropylene geotextiles, a lower woven fabric and upper non-woven fabric, encapsulating powdered sodium bentonite at a minimum weight of 4.95 kg/m².

The outer layer of the non-woven geotextile is impregnated with an additional layer of bentonite. The two geotextiles are mechanically joined by a needle punching process, pushing the fibres of the upper nonwoven geotextile through the bentonite layer and securing them in the retaining lower woven layer. This process links the geotextiles and contains and confines the bentonite. The membrane will swell on contact with moisture and ensures a watertight seal is achieved in service.

Features and benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation in most weather conditions.
  • No priming, joint taping or protection board required.
  • Forms a strong mechanical bond to concrete when cast in-situ.
  • Impermeable lap joints.
  • No tracking of water between installed membrane and the structure.

General information



Sodium bentonite


1200 x 4500 mm

1200 x 5000 mm


Pr_15_57_27_39 Geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs)Primary


J10/120 Cement: sand mortar with proprietary waterproof admixture

J40/285 Loose-laid bentonite damp-proofing/ tanking membranes

J44/120 Geosynthetic clay lining (GCL)

Product range

Waterproofing Membranes

Specification data - Geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) Enhanced data

Third party product certification

BDA Agrement BAB 17-061/01/A.


4.9 kg/m² (bentonite, to EN 1849- 2:2009).

Integral accessories


Hydrostop BR.

A hydrophilic expanding bentonite water stop used in construction joints to produce a watertight joint.

Twinseal compound.

A trowel grade sodium bentonite compound to be used as detailing mastic around surface penetrations and corner junctions.


7 mm (to EN 1849-2:2009).

Swelling capability

24 ml/2 g (to ASTM D5890).


>20 kN/m (to ASTM D4073).


>179 N (50mm)^-1 (peel, to M.O.A.T.64:2001).

Puncture resistance

1414 N (to EN 1849-2:2009).