Masonry Support Brick Faced Soffit

Prefabricated brick slip soffit system to suit any brick soffit detail. Supplied complete with BBA approved resin-fixed brick slips produced from the client’s same batch of bricks, ensuring a seamless match is always achieved.

Considerably lighter and quicker to produce than the traditional brick slip precast concrete products, LBS can be simply and easily mechanically fixed on site to Wincro support systems, therefore reducing installation times significantly.

Deep reveals and soffits in brickwork are becoming a popular design feature to masonry facades. LBS provides a simple solution to all these details.

Wincro LBS Brick Slip Soffit System creates invisible brick-faced soffits simpler and quicker, due to the new prefabricated components creating a flawless joint with no steelwork left exposed.

Features and benefits:

  • CE marked to BS EN 1091 and BS EN 845-1.
  • Considerably lighter than traditional solutions.
  • Flawless joint to existing brickwork.
  • Designed and manufactured to suit any brick soffit detail.
  • Full stainless-steel construction.
  • BBA approved resin.
  • Fits seamlessly with Wincro Masonry Support systems.

General information



1.4301 (304) grade stainless steel

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_03_50 Masonry angle supportsPrimary


F30/265 Support system

Specification data - Masonry angle supports

Product Reference

Masonry Support Brick Faced Soffit


Bespoke, to suit project requirements.


Bespoke, to suit project requirements.

Standard product features


1.4301 (304) grade stainless steel.

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