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Ready-to-use cleaner based on a combination of light solvents. The highly active yet sensitive product dissolves and removes graffiti and spray paint as well as oil, grease, soot, etc from walls and façades. Lithofin Graffiti Remover dries very slowly, allowing the product relatively long working times. Because of these long working times, the product can dissolve spray paint, permanent marker and similar blemishes. The graffiti can then be rinsed off with water.


On ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, natural stone, concrete and concrete stone, plaster, glass, metal, etc. For indoor and outdoor use.


The contained surfactants are biologically degradable according to EU-regulations. Does not contain any chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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Lithofin Graffiti Remover

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Technical data:

  • Density: Around 0.95 g/cm³.
  • pH value: Around 10 (concentrate).
  • Appearance: Liquid, clear/ yellowish.
  • Odour: Mild, fruity.