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Ventilated rainscreen cladding system with natural stone-faced panels on a lightweight concrete carrier. Airtec Stone cladding offers a wide range of options for the design of high-quality natural stone façades with a vast choice of stone types and panel sizes. Large panels up to 7.74 m² can be used on the system without any visible fixing elements. The panels consist of a 5–10 mm top layer of natural stone on a lightweight concrete base no more than 19 mm thick, ensuring the panels are up to 60% lighter than solid stone slabs.

The horizontal and vertical support rails of the substructure must be made of aluminium alloy EN AW 6060 T66 or EN AW 6063 T66 to BS EN 755-2.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Concealed fixing system.
  • Large panels size up to 7.74 m².
  • Individual preformed panels.
  • Individual types of preformed stone.

General information
Specification data - Drained and back-ventilated rainscreen cladding systems
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Lithodecor Airtec Stone

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Anrächer Dolomit/ Calcareous limestone, greenish

Balmoral Red/ Granite, light red

Bianco Iberico/ Granite, light

Deep Black/ Gabbro, black

Giallo Veniziano/ Granite, yellow

Juparana Columbo/ Gneiss, reddish

Jura Gelb/ Limestone, yellow

Mocca Crème/ Limestone, cream

Nero Impala/ Gabbro, dark

Pietra Serena Grau/ Sandstone, grey

Sandstone, yellowish brown

Waldstein Gelb/ Granite, yellowish

Wertheim Rot/ Sandstone, red

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Standard product features

Panel material:

Thin slabs of natural stone laminated onto a carrier panel. The carrier panels, constructed from a specially developed lightweight concrete, are used for fixing and load transfer. Since the physical characteristics of the carrier and the laminated material are very similar, the layers are a perfect combination and protect the façade against all types of weather.

Structural system:

The composite panels are fixed to horizontal aluminium rails with special concealed aluminium clips. The load is transferred from the panel to the clips via specially developed ceramic discs that are integral to the carrier panel. The number of fixing points are dependent on the size, weight and loading of the façade panels.

For ventilated rainscreen systems the horizontal rails are attached to an aluminium support system which usually comprise of helping hand bracket and t-spline/vertical rails.

Fire rating:


Impact resistance:

Meets the CWCT technical note 76 and BS 8200 up to category B for impact.

Product Options


- Size:

Available up to 4.3 m high and individual panel areas up to 7.74 m². These sizes are impossible to produce using classic natural-stone façade systems on account of their weight and the size of the block stone prior to cutting.

- Finish:

With individual sizes, textures and colours, Airtec Stone cladding offers architects and specifiers an extensive range of design options. In addition to 13 standard finishes, Airtec Stone is also available in individual types of natural stone to suit exact requirements.


Due to the material properties of the composite panel, it is possible to manufacture three-dimensional shaped parts, such as corners, angles and U-sections with a monolithic appearance. This process involves mitring the composite panels, bonding them without a visible joint and securing them by mechanical means. Cantilevered panels up to 400 mm in length can be attached to a mother panel.

Third party certifications
  • DIBt: Z-33.2-632
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