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Lichtgitter BZ Plank

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Lichtgitter UK Ltd Variant:

Perforated metal planks, type BZ (serrated tooth).

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  • BN-OD: Marina and dock environments.
  • BP-H and BP-HN: Onshore and offshore locations.
  • BN-O: Suitable for use with normal pedestrian traffic.
  • BZ: Environments where fats, grease and oils are used.
  • BN-OP5 and BN-OP5 (with treads): Public walkway areas.
  • BN-OF: Can be used a covering for the oil collecting pans beneath transformer units.
  • BN-G: Indoor environments where the primary considerations are a closed smooth surface for guaranteed walking comfort.
  • BP: Large areas which have to be covered in industrial areas and where stringent demands are made on load bearing capacity.
  • BR: Suitable for areas of heavy loads on small contact areas, e.g. vehicle navigability on ramps or parking areas.


Perforated steel planks, available in a wide range of variants.

Features and benefits:

  • High level of slip resistance
  • Suitable for use in high load areas.
  • C-profiled structural plank, manufactured on CNC punching machines.


  • BN-G has closed, punched dimple indentations, pressed upwards in the top surface. Offers high anti-slip resistance.
  • BN-GA includes a mixture of closed punched holes facing upwards, and conical drain holes facing downwards. Grating has no sharp edges on the top surface, and can be walked on easily without the need for footwear. Water drains easily through the holes, so that no hydroplaning can occur.
  • BN-O is similar to BN-OP, with punched holes, which are pressed downwards. Provides increased drainage performance, and light and air permeability.
  • BN-OD plank with two different hole sizes; the holes punched upwards have a diameter of 14 mm (to allow quicker drainage), while those punched downwards have a diameter of 7 mm.
  • BN-OF fire retarding, provides an alternative to conventional coverings. The planks have an outward edge to one underside edge, achieving an approximate support area of 20 mm, and both the short edges come with closed sides.
  • BN-OP is similar to BN-O, with double the amount of drainage holes. Provides increased drainage performance, and light and air permeability.
  • BN-OP5, punched grid pattern correlates with the BN-OP plank, but has 5 mm drainage holes and 5 mm slip resistance holes. Allows for a stiletto heel proof surface with high slip resistance. The small hole configuration makes it difficult to see from below.
  • BN-OP5 (with treads) with special visible nosing treads which are public access compliant, helping the visually impaired to establish the edge of the treads. The nosing can be polyester powder-coated to any RAL colour; consult manufacturer for details.
  • BP-H and BP-HN flame retarding, with glass foam granulate filling which is moisture resistant, fire-proof and stable up to 600°C.
  • BZ-G where this grating is used, there will be a decreased need for sprinkler systems below this flooring level.
  • BP-UE is similar to the BP, with a higher slip resistance due to additional raised punching.
  • BR rhombic profile with extra high punching (punched holes at 2.5 mm).
  • BZ has distinctive surface profiling and a high level of slip resistance.
  • BP (Parallel) smooth line profiling and high loading capacity.

Fire/ flame retardant variants (BP-H, BP-HN and BN-OF):

  • High safety levels during maintenance.
  • Optimum flow speed of oil, tempering and rain-water.
  • Provide containment and delay of fire in the collecting pan.
  • Have a shorter than average switch-off period of the transformer.

General information






Guidance for specification option:

  • Self-colour.
  • Galvanized.
  • Pre-galvanized.

Manufacturer guidance

Surface finish.



Guidance for specification option:





Pr_25_30_30_12 Carbon steel cold-formed planksPrimary


L30/45 Ramps/ walkways

L30/460 Walkways

Product range


Specification data - Carbon steel cold-formed planks








Powder coated.

Slip resistance value – water wet (minimum)

To BS 7976/ DIN 51130, R10.

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required.

Plank clips.

Guidance for specification option:

Consult manufacturer for further details.



Manufacturer guidance

1.5–2.5 mm, specifier to detail.


Closed and raised punched dimples.

Manufacturer guidance

Perforation type.

Open space


Manufacturer guidance

Open area.



Manufacturer guidance

Up to 10 000 mm, specifier to detail.


150 mm.

200 mm.

250 mm.



Manufacturer guidance

30–150 mm, specifier to detail.

Sustainability data


fully recyclable

Recycled content

As defined in clause 7.8 of BS EN ISO 14021

100 %

BIM objects


NBS BIM Object Standard

This BIM object has been authored to meet the requirements of the NBS BIM Object Standard.

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Platform Compatible Version




Revit 2016


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