LicataTherm Bio


Suitable for new builds and refurbishment.


A reliable, economical and simple application lime-based EWI system to help improve the appearance and thermal efficiency of properties, reducing overall energy consumption. Available with coloured lime base render or brick slips for the decorative finish. 

Features and benefits:

  • Tougher than cement-based renders.
  • A1 fire classification.
  • Self-cleaning properties. 
  • Traditional look and finish. 
  • Protects against algae and mould.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Over 700 render colours available.

General information



Available in a choice of grain sizes from 0.7mm - 2.0mm to give a stippled effect.



Render finishes are available in over 700 colours and shades and also most RAL and NCS colours.



Lime render


Silicate mineral render


  • Silicone/Silicate/Acrylic Coloured Render - 0.7 mm, 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm.
  • Acrylic brick slips - 3 mm.
  • Clay brick slips - 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm.



If installed by an approved Licata installer, both 10 and 25 year material warranties are available, depending on the project requirements and detailing.

10 year

25 year

25 year warranties can be under written to meet the requirements of EWI energy saving grants.

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_45_72_28 External wall insulation systemsPrimary


M21/20 External wall insulation system . . . . . .

M21/210 External wall insulation system

Specification data - External wall insulation systems Enhanced data

System performance

Structural performance - permanent and imposed loads


Surfaces must be sound, free from loose material and clean.

Where an adhesive system is used, the surfaces must be sound, free from loose material and clean. Where additional mechanical fixings are to be used, the substrate must be capable of sustaining the design loads.

Approved proprietary biocidal wash.

Existing substrates that show visible signs of algae and mold will require treating with an approved proprietary biocidal wash prior to any render works.

Support rails and brackets





Not required.

 For brick and blockwork substrates. 

A1 Fibre Cement Board.

For steel and timber framed substrates.


All fixings are based upon Etag and BBA certification and the manufacturers products are designed and tested to fully comply with current required certifications and testing.





MW Dual Density 036.

Dual density mineral wool slabs available in sizes up to 1200 x 600 mm and in a range of thicknesses from 40–240 mm, with nominal densities of 160/100 kg/m³ (outer/inner layer), a minimum compressive strength of 10 kPa and a tensile resistance perpendicular to the faces of 10 kPa. Slabs are manufactured to comply with BS EN 13162:2012. 


Raso Top Bio.

A biocompatible skim coating/adhesive, certified as GP mortar in accordance with the UNI EN 998-1 standard, specifically designed for applications requiring extremely high breathability. 

Additional mechanical fixings

Designed and tested to meet the current wind load and suction requirements, the system is adhesively fixed with supplementary fixings in accordance with BS EN 1991-1-4:2005. Special consideration should be given to locations with high wind-load pressure coefficients, as additional fixings may be necessary. It is recommended that a load factor of 1.5 is used to determine the ultimate wind load, in accordance with BS EN 1990:2002.

Ejot H1 Eco.

Render carrier or reinforcement



LicataTherm Ret01-1160, glass fibre mesh.

1 m wide mesh (3.5 x 4.5 mm grid size) of multi-strength glass fibre, with a polymer coating and nominal weight of 145 g/m².

LicataTherm Tolantext 41-112, glass fibre mesh.

1 m wide mesh (3.5 x 4.7 mm grid size) of multi-strength glass fibre, with a polymer coating and nominal weight of 150 g/m².




Primer coat.


Primer Ocram.

Universal pigmentable primer made with potassium silicates and inert silica materials.

Decorative finish

LicataSil silicate/ mineral top coat.

LicataSil is a mineral coating made with water-dispersed potassium silicate paste, ready for use and which can be pigmented. It conforms to standard DIN 18363 in regard to the pureness of silicates, and it is specifically designed for work on new or existing facades as well as the decorative phase of reinforced skim coating or in Licatatherm external solid insulation systems.

Acrylic brick slips.

Clay brick slips.


  • Over 700 render colours available.
  • Acrylic and clay brick slips available on a wide range of colours and textures.
  • Consult manufacturer and insert requirement.


Environmental information

Country of material origin


Country of product manufacture


Render materials.

Insulation boards: UK and Germany.



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