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Lee-Span Ceiling

Lee-Span Ceiling

Troax (UK) Ltd

Lee-Span Ceiling, a bonded steel faced panel system providing a degree of walk on access for use with Bastion, Elan, Sigma and Titan partition wall systems

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Lee-Span Ceilings - have been designed with a combination of loads all in accordance with BS6399 Pt 1 panel dead weight. Furthermore, both wall and ceiling spans have been independently tested in accordance with European Standards EN14509. Lee-Span panels are not intended to be used as permanent work surfaces, nor are they intended to be used as a support for machines and plant. Panel Joints the steel edge itself is roll formed to create the male / female interlocking joint which gives the assembled system its superb strength characteristics. The Joint allows application of site applied mastic or silicone to the female edge, creating an effective vapour or food safe hygienic seal which does not protrude beyond the face of the panel.

General information


Polyester powder coated




Core options to suit the specific requirement


Steel sheet, white food safe quality




Our warranty shall apply when the products supplied by Troax and installed in accordance with our standard installation instructions or by Troax installers and will be subject to assessment by a Troax representative if deemed to be required

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