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Medium duty brush seals, with 45° angled carriers. Designed for industrial door applications.

They are also suitable for wheelchair use.

The seals provide a barrier to smoke, weather, draughts and dust, light and insects.

General information
Specification data - Fire-resisting air transfer grilles with smoke shutters
Product Reference

Lorient Architectural Seals Ref: LAS5075

25 mm.

Lorient Architectural Seals Ref: LAS5080

35 mm.

Lorient Architectural Seals Ref: LAS5085

45 mm.

Seal -

1000 mm

2100 mm

Special order

Consult manufacturer for details.


Bronze anodized aluminium

Silver anodized aluminium

Standard product features

Brush length; minimum/ maximum gap size:

  • LAS5075: 25 mm; 19 mm/ 25 mm.
  • LAS5080: 35 mm; 25 mm/ 35 mm.
  • LAS5085: 45 mm; 35 mm/ 45 mm.

Aluminium carrier:

22 mm high x 9 mm deep.

Seal material:

Black nylon brush filaments, UV stabilised.

Product Options


Other lengths to special order.